Virtual Coffee House Jan 25th, 2016

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Welcome, sit back and relax. I’ll have your virtual latte in just a moment.

So… I never did get around to reworking my post in progress to show to you all since the last time I opened shop. I’ll get it finished before too long, just not sure when it will be posted for sure.

Here is a bit of personal news thrown in for some warmth. My wife is expecting before the end of January, about six days from now to be exact. Hopefully, that means we will have another little one before long. Yay! Can’t believe how excited I am getting with the closer it gets!

Now, the blog is getting better with each passing week but I do need to take a better look at the theme that I use. It’s simple, quiet but I don’t think it portrays pictures all that well. I’m hoping when it comes time to connect again, I’ll have a better theme, and some damned good pictures for the Virtual Coffee Shop. I do a bit of 3D imagery every now and then so I’m hoping to have a full set of images to go with the coffee shop theme.

Other progress news: my current most liked post from the previous week is An Ode to Writer’s Block. Not too surprisong, since I’m sure even the greatest author’s and writers get stuck every now and again. My other poems and shorts stories all rounded the same number of likes, and even my first post for another thematic venture, Weekend Inspiration, did pretty well itself. I was honestly surprised, but thankful at the same time.

Let me pull up a screen and show you some of my favorite reads from the past week. I’ll refill your cup if you’d like to take a glance

Monday Musings #8 by queenofblank

This post was one that made me smile, and also is a bit of a rant on “hashtags” and their use. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment in this post and is why I’m placing it on my favorites list.

On this note, I can’t promise what the rest of the week will hold, but I hope to get a good few more poems and a short story or two posted. Till next time, enjoy!

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Awash with the Waves

He stands alone, watching the tides roll in. The sand between his toes are soothing, cool and comforting in the early morning light. The sky was ablaze with purples and reds as the sun crept from behind the distant horizon. Long he stood there, as the colors drain from the light clouds and turn to gray and white.

A shadow stood beside him, now. A devilish, misshapen figure portrayed upon the ground. The shadow grew longer, then began to rise. The man took no notice of this creature becoming corporeal, his eyes glued to the distance.

Opposite him, a shadow came from above, one lighter than moonlit pastures. It grew as a body descended from above on white wings. Golden hair curled and sprung as the body’s feet touched the still cool sands beside the man. He did not take notice of the new arrival either, but turned his gaze down into the waters that came closer and closer with each wave.

“Stand and be aware, dear mortal, of the peril you shall face.” The angle spoke in low, soft tones. His blue eyes the same color as the sky above him. The demon snorted loudly, a sharp and ugly grin upon his face.

“Are you ever going to give this man the peace he so wants?” The demon coughed, a harsh and hideous voice ragged with much death.

The angel turned to the demon, a fire slowly building in his eyes. “No man should ever find the ‘peace’ your ilk has always offered, foul one. Let the man be, and receive the peace he truly deserves.”

The water pulled back, and a large wave smashes into the three bodies standing there. When the waters pull away, no evidence of their presence remained.

An Ode to Writer’s Block

And here I am, silently waiting
for a habit I fear of breaking
A written promise that I am abound
But which I cannot make a sound

The white space blank and barren
Of solitude and places to abandon
Something that I always will hate
Writer’s block that will not disapate

Written form, one so old
Dearest of all that is foretold
A quiet, desolate, bounded fear
One I wish would just disappear

I hate this block, of an author’s undoing
Blocked of all words once so soothing.
Making past a deadline but then
Writer’s block is gone again.

Burnt flowers

Fire in the sky, flames in the meadows. All around him laid burnt flowers, a product of his own design and failure. His body was as frayed as the flora about. Gone is his heart, but yet only his mind remained for moments more, tortured by the burnt flowers fallen.

An Acceptable Death

I have lived for far too long.
I have fought every battle,
Defeated all who did not flee
And yet also watch all my allies fall.

I have searched,
Blade in hand, ready, waiting
For an opponent
Who will give me an acceptable death

I was vibrant in youth
My blade flourishing in light
But with the youth left finesse
Sometimes I don’t even want to fight.

But fight I must,
Honor-bound and beholden
To a pitiful lord and his child
Who can’t even lift half the weight of my blade

And I have fought for far too long.
My bones, brittle and breaking
My blade dulling and aging
And my third horse dying one the battlefield.

One last strike, another man gone.
No other blade has been brought down this day…
Then I feel hit with the power of lightning,
And suddenly, I fall to my knees.

This was not the death I sought.
A man with a rifle took the last of my strength.
He probably could not see the look in my eyes,
As their strength grows weak.

One final chance for honor,
I am on my knees.
My blade held high and ready,
Before a final blow was struck.

I did not die honorably.
I did not get what I had sought.
An acceptable death…
This was not.

Virtual Coffee Shop Jan 18th, 2016

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:Welcome! We have your zero dollar coffees here. Have a cup, and a seat. Enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

Welcome again. Hope you enjoy your stay. It’s going to be a long one, so I’ll serve you up two cups of joe this time.

Today I want to thank everyone who has liked my last post, “Set the World Aflame” in such a short time. Wow, makes me feel loved a bit.

Let’s start in with some of my current work sitting in drafts before I move on to other things. Right now I have a semi-long, edit mode needing short story that’s looking lovely in raw form. It’s an interesting piece on a world gone mad with a secret at the end that I don’t want to spoil. I’m sure you all will love it. That will be posted hopefully in the next couple days.

Now, I have a few more haikus, rhymes and other poems designed for later this week, and hopefully get in a couple more flash fictions. But that’s enough about all of that.

I am here to ask a question of you all. What features do you want to see out of Rendered Souls? I know the current form and look of the blog is pretty flat, and that I need pages and a few other things going for it but was hoping for some feedback on what you all want to see. It could be Challenges, social media outlets to look at/implement, or anything else at all. Just let me know in the comments below.

Here is today’s featured read:
“A Cold Dish” – BlackCherriess

What I like about this story is the strong meaning behind it. I may be reading a little too far into it but it shows that sometimes it is best not to hold such a long grudge. To truly hate anybody in your heart is a quick way to soul starvation, after all. To do nothing but dwell on the past is to have no hope for the future. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

And with that, I must bid you farewell! I hope you enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

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