Virtual Coffee House Jan 14th, 2016

Welcome all to my wonderful coffee shop, where everything is completely digital, virtual. This is a weekly update theme where I will talk about myself, life, writing, what-not. The next installment will be on monday and hope to keep it on Mondays throughout the rest of 2016!

Let’s Begin:

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:Welcome! We have your zero dollar coffees here. Have a cup, and a seat. Enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

So I started completely over. New user, blog, posts, everything. I ran Darkened Oceans for three months at the end of the last year and then, after a moment of some very horrible judgement, killed it off and started fresh. So for those of you who found me again, welcome.

Today, I want to talk a little bit about my inspiration for writing, and then I’ll go into some of my plans for the near future. Take a sip, and enjoy!

I’m inspired a lot by music and other authors. I was saddened when I learned of David Bowie’s passing. It was a tough blow, since two albums of his from the nineties really tie into my writing style a lot. I’m also inspired by technology, art and specific moods and musics. Generally, and this is odd to me, the mid point between really dark and just plain dark is where I find the most inspiration.

Step back, rewind. What’s that there? One of David Bowie’s songs off the album “Outside”, which has a rich, dark tone that fits in very well to a lot of what I write or how I write my quick stories. Give it a listen, you’ll like what you hear (or wont, whichever haha)

Now then… Let’s talk about what I hope to achieve with Rendered Souls. So far a lot of my poetry, the reflective kind that I tend to write in the wee hours of morning tend to be better hits than some of my other posts, but that’s not all I write. I write fiction, fantasy, a bit of mystery and even dabble in thriller to some extent. I generally stay above the Young Adult line, but will even delve into it every so often. So my goal is to achieve a novel or a collection of stories by the end of the year.

Next time you drop by the virtual coffee shop I’ll try to have a list of good reads from this week added in at this point. Let me know what you think of my theme, writing, or anything else in the comment section cause I love hearing what my readers think. Until next time!

:End Feed, Disconnecting…


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