Awash with the Waves

He stands alone, watching the tides roll in. The sand between his toes are soothing, cool and comforting in the early morning light. The sky was ablaze with purples and reds as the sun crept from behind the distant horizon. Long he stood there, as the colors drain from the light clouds and turn to gray and white.

A shadow stood beside him, now. A devilish, misshapen figure portrayed upon the ground. The shadow grew longer, then began to rise. The man took no notice of this creature becoming corporeal, his eyes glued to the distance.

Opposite him, a shadow came from above, one lighter than moonlit pastures. It grew as a body descended from above on white wings. Golden hair curled and sprung as the body’s feet touched the still cool sands beside the man. He did not take notice of the new arrival either, but turned his gaze down into the waters that came closer and closer with each wave.

“Stand and be aware, dear mortal, of the peril you shall face.” The angle spoke in low, soft tones. His blue eyes the same color as the sky above him. The demon snorted loudly, a sharp and ugly grin upon his face.

“Are you ever going to give this man the peace he so wants?” The demon coughed, a harsh and hideous voice ragged with much death.

The angel turned to the demon, a fire slowly building in his eyes. “No man should ever find the ‘peace’ your ilk has always offered, foul one. Let the man be, and receive the peace he truly deserves.”

The water pulled back, and a large wave smashes into the three bodies standing there. When the waters pull away, no evidence of their presence remained.


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