Virtual Coffee House Jan 25th, 2016

:Connecting… Client download complete.
:Entering virtual mode:

Welcome, sit back and relax. I’ll have your virtual latte in just a moment.

So… I never did get around to reworking my post in progress to show to you all since the last time I opened shop. I’ll get it finished before too long, just not sure when it will be posted for sure.

Here is a bit of personal news thrown in for some warmth. My wife is expecting before the end of January, about six days from now to be exact. Hopefully, that means we will have another little one before long. Yay! Can’t believe how excited I am getting with the closer it gets!

Now, the blog is getting better with each passing week but I do need to take a better look at the theme that I use. It’s simple, quiet but I don’t think it portrays pictures all that well. I’m hoping when it comes time to connect again, I’ll have a better theme, and some damned good pictures for the Virtual Coffee Shop. I do a bit of 3D imagery every now and then so I’m hoping to have a full set of images to go with the coffee shop theme.

Other progress news: my current most liked post from the previous week is An Ode to Writer’s Block. Not too surprisong, since I’m sure even the greatest author’s and writers get stuck every now and again. My other poems and shorts stories all rounded the same number of likes, and even my first post for another thematic venture, Weekend Inspiration, did pretty well itself. I was honestly surprised, but thankful at the same time.

Let me pull up a screen and show you some of my favorite reads from the past week. I’ll refill your cup if you’d like to take a glance

Monday Musings #8 by queenofblank

This post was one that made me smile, and also is a bit of a rant on “hashtags” and their use. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment in this post and is why I’m placing it on my favorites list.

On this note, I can’t promise what the rest of the week will hold, but I hope to get a good few more poems and a short story or two posted. Till next time, enjoy!

:End Feed, Disconnecting…


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