Data: Corrupted


Begin download.

As the machine hooked up to my head begins to whirl, I begin to let loose all fear, all emotions. I can feel my memories being pulled away, sucked away as if drawn by a vacuum.

Then u can feel my heart pulse as it too gers its core emotional affinity taken, downloading into a soul-less machine. Each minute, each second, feeling more and more raw by the minute. Percentages are called out around me, and the people who watch closely. They watch me die inside this body, being pulled into a virtual world that they have created.

And then I feel nothing. I can no longer discern scent nor sight. I felt like I was being drawn into a tiny tube, pulling me away from a now dead or dying form to one that required little to live. I could feel the pulsing of energy, of electricity and circuitry as I awaited within a virtual place. A holding cell of everything that they thought made me human, pulled from what once was human.

Transfer to digital complete.

Prepared to download to new host.

With this, I hope, I will be the first one to download completely into the new body. I hope to be the first android. The first to live beyond this point.

For many before me never managed to fully download. For them all, death was certain when they saw: DATA: CORRUPTED

Not the best story ever written, but I feel better now that it is out of my system. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Note: image at top, and all other content in this post is purely my own work.


Be my Druidess.


We often came here in the night. We have passed many moons and suns as we delved deeper into this dark forest. I still remember those nights of passion in beds of leaves and twigs. The deepness of the darkness as you held me close.

We were studying under the same master, of magic as old as history itself. We grew many plants and crops in our seperate gardens, and even more in our shared love in the forest.

The way you made me blush. The way you made my heart beat within my chest with the power of all the wind in the world. That one time you had made me feel truly special for the last time in my life before your passing. As I lay this withering rose on your grave for the tenth year since that day, I recite them once more.

“Be my druidess.”

Okay, a little something new for me. I’m not a big fan of romance writing, nor of most things related to romance. But for tonight, not only as seeing things in a different light and view, but as practice in a completely out of my comfort zone style.

Hope you enjoyed it! Leave me a comment below and tell me what you guys think.

Waking Dream Sample Chapter

Chapter 2

Darkness surrounded me. I heard a distant scream that rang like bells through the silence, followed by sobs. The noises were slow, as if coming to me from a low speed tape recording. The crying and sobbing resounded pain through my chest, and for a moment I had thought that it was my own. I reach through the darkness as if to pull a veil from over my eyes but I only caught sight of my own hand. I clench my fingers into my palm, my knuckles turning white but it didn’t feel like my own hand.

I began to think that it was a dream that I was in. The distant sounds grew more distant, but I could still hear the tones that told me who was crying. It wasn’t me, but the woman from a world where I belonged. A woman I cared for and loved, who shared years of joy and happiness with me. I started feeling light fall onto me, a light that could not be seen at first. Soon I began to realize that I was still connected to my own body from home, but could not find the line to reel me back to my world. I started reaching and groping in the darkness, flailing in the void.

My movements began to cause ripples in the void around me. Soon, pockets of white and black became visible to me. In the distance the noises faded, and it felt like all my movements where sending me farther away from it. I wished and begged to return home but yet still I fell through light and darkness. I started seeing colors appear, contrasting and saturating around me.

 I found myself standing at the edge of a cliff. I could see grass between my toes as I stared downwards, into a ravine that went straight down where till no light could penetrate. I look up towards the sky, and my heart soon sank into my stomach. The sky was a mixture of all colors, swirling into a vortex if light and darkness. The surreal visual was dark and eerie, like the pit of hell was staring me in the face.

“You should not be here…” a voice called out to me. The voice was both deep and high, like two people talking at once. “The stage is not set for you yet, mortal…”

I did not understand what was meant by the disembodied voice. Soon, everything around me began to swirl once more and then, I could not discern my existence.

Stain of Time

I have been around for far too long.

Many generations of descendants have come and gone before me in my nearly two and a half centuries of life. Cursed was I to watch as they buried my great, great grandson before me. A child of twenty years, gone because of someone texting behind the wheel.

My only living descendant was his year old daughter, with a woman that I never had the chance to meet. They were unwedded, so I know nothing of them or their family.

I lift my feeble arms to bring my cold, clammy hands to my weeping eyes, drawing away tears that have been all too prevalent in recent years. Living through five rounds of cancers, hiding away in some home that my once proud and secure retirement fund barely affords. Unknown to the last child, the last remnant of my family before I realized that there she stood.

She was a beautiful woman, the mother of the last born. The only thing marring her face was the mascara running down her cheeks. There she stood, holding the last hope of my family, the last one to hope to survive my curse. I wipe away the near dry stains that were once tears and reach my arm feebly into her direction. She stepped back, but held her daughter out just enough for me to see her darling face for the first time, hopefully the last.

I pull my arm back, knowing to touch the dearest hope of my once proud world would surely destroy her. I let my head fall as my weeping grew stronger.

And I never raised my head again.

Edited to fix grammatical errors. Enjoy

A Break from Regularity

Every once in a while, it’s good to take a break from the norm and just enjoy some of the Interenet’s craziness in the form of videos or what have you, right?

So, little backstory. A few years ago I was watching a video from the Epic Rap Battles of History series. It was the Clint Eastwood versus Bruce Lee one. I got curious and decided to check out Mike Diva, who was Bruce Lee in the video. Oh my god.

I had a lot of fun going through the different types of videos offered through his channel before I ended up on the one below. It turned out to be my all time favorite video from the YouTube star.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Back to work on all things writing tomorrow.

Weekend Fun: Baking Bread.

Food, glorious food. I do enjoy cooking from time to time and I have also been trying to get better at baking. Baking is one of the hardest things for me to do, so when I’m successful it makes me feel like a million bucks.

So, today’s baking trip was with bread. I have done this one before but it was… aweful. Also, small because of the half sized bread pans that are better for small loaves and special breads. During the holiday season we picked up a full sized loaf pan which looks amazing.

So today, after having all the ingredients  (unless you bake breads a lot, active dry yeast isn’t important to keep in my kitchen till now.) I finally took the time to bake myself some good ol’ white bread.

And it looks and smells so amazing!!!


(Yes, I’m using a sheet pan as a cooling rack. Leave me alone ;))

So what did you do this wonderful Saturday?