Blog update, Feb 1st, 2016

I’m sorry about not being active since my last update, and that this one isn’t themed like my previous updates. I just have a few things to share with you all today, mostly a story of the previous week.

Tuesday, January 26th. My wife and I went to her doctors appointment. While there, we were given the option to induce. Due to financial concerns that would be popping up during my wife’s maternity leave, we decided to go ahead with the inducement process. That turned out to be a multi-part affair, haha. We had to go back to the hospital latter that day to go and do paperwork and all that jazz.

Wednesday morning, we went back to the hospital again and made it in at about 5am. Labor and delivery, she got hooked up to the usual I.V. fluid and an inducement agent. She started the morning dilated to a 5. Two hours go by and the doctor comes in and breaks the water, dilated to a 6 and a half.

11 am after a couple more hours of trying to get the baby to come down she finally gets to start pushing. Yay, we know where this is going, right? Finally, after a few screams from momma, baby Greyson is born at 11:59am. He weighed 7 pounds and 11.2 ounces, at a length of 20 inches exact.

Momma and Greyson spent two days in the hospital while I was out, taking care of our older boy, Zachery. He is taking this being an older brother thing alright so far, but we both know that since he is still only two and a half we have to keep an eye out.


Isn’t he adorable? This is from us getting ready to leave the hospital. And momma looked so tired.

So yes, been a busy week. Too busy to finish writing either of the two short stories I have sitting as drafts, or reading many blog posts.

So how has your week been? Hopefully not nearly as busy as mine, but equally as exciting!


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