Switching Roles

Switching Roles;
The reason to write as a different gender

Okay, so I’ve started a new piece designed to go towards a new pile I’m starting, called the “To Be Published Pile”. Basically, instead of just writing for blog posts, to start venturing into the world of publishing, either self or otherwise.

Interestingly, the point of view is different from most of my work to date. I usually write from a male first person narrative or from a third person point of view. But due to a certain story I intend to write in the future, I needed to learn a different perspective. One that I have yet to toy with.

That is, I have never written from a female point of view, at all. It is completely new to me. When I started writing the new piece it was easy because I had started it like any other, placing myself in the situation rather than placing a character. But upon further consideration I came to the conclusion that the story would be better with a female lead rather than a male lead.

Writing as a whole is still new but I wanted to see what other people have to say on writing for different genders. Any tips I should know or kernels of wisdom to share? My comments section is always open, just drop me a line there.

In other news, I have changed themes for the month of February. I feel better with the lighter tones than the dark ones from the one I originally chose, which was Cyanotype. Plus, I also updated the two sidebars and am working on the about me/contact pages and any other pages or links I may need to add in the menu. The theme also works well for mobile and tablets, though the Facebook widget doesn’t show on the menu. Works for me, though will be tweaking it as the month rolls on.

I have also decided to cancel further use of the Virtual Coffee Shop weekly update posts until further notice. I like the idea and hope to resume them in a month or so, but I have a few things in mind to hopefully have done before I get to that point.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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