The country, or the whole world, has gone insane! Raiding and looting, pillaging of homes and warehouses. It’s like an attack of pirates in all four corners of the world! Those who haven’t gone mad, those who still claim some form of sanity, hide within walled fortresses against mass mayhem and genocide.

Or, at least so I had thought.

* * *

I crouch, hidden behind a half wall as I avoid being discovered. I constantly check my surroundings, hearing noises as if they were all around me. I had to escape. I had to find shelter. Three long days ago was when I last ate, a barely edible meal of years old dog food I had looted from a group of bandits. Shelter, one of the walled fortresses in the middle of the city.

I bring my gun up, moving slightly up to glance over the shattered brick wall that was my cover. Nobody was there, but I heard a ruckus as some of the crazed fools looted a newly discovered hovel. I lower my rifle, dash out from my hiding spot and slam my back into another wall a few feet away. I can’t be too cautious, there is too much possibility to be discovered.

I hug the wall, moving at a seemingly snail pace as I follow the wall to the end, checking down an alley in the dim light of dusk. Soon, I will have to get out my flashlight just to be a le to see. That would be problematic on its own. I dash down the alleyway, keeping my rifle shouldered as I clear pass two barricaded doors on one side, sprinting pass another alley between two buildings before I reach the end.

I glance out into the street, judging the distance between two buildings before I noticed the lights at the end of the block. A fortress! I finally had gotten close enough to it. There was gunfire, a few people falling over just a few yards from me so I had to make my next move quick, and silent.

I roll to the other side of the street. Two men in dusty, ragged clothes stepped near their kill. One kicks both of the bodies, the other proceeding to loot them. I hover at the edge of the wall on the other side of the street, thankful for the darkness as I slowly make way towards my hopeful salvation.

When the two marauders turn back towards the street behind them, I ease my movements and speed up slightly. My foot catches a fallen brick, sending it into the street. Damn it to hell!

The nearest deranged man turned and began to fire in my direction. I duck behind a pile of rubble, firing back from behind cover as the other man joined in. I lucked out and after a full clip was emptied, the two men fell. I dash, then slumped to the ground beside them as another two men peered out from a doorway.

One breathe at a time, I keep my aim on them while trying to play dead. They move closer, and no others followed. When they near me, I hold my breathe, waiting patiently on my stomach for them to close the gap enough not to waste too many more bullets.

One couches just beside me, prodding the body next to me with the end of his rifle. I try to remain motionless between breathes, waiting for just the right moment. Both men stood within my sight now. I inhale quietly, slowly, as the closest one brings the gun close to my head.

Ratta-tat-tat. The two fell and I eased myself up. I grab the guns of the closest bodies and dart back to the other side of the street. I make a run for it, no longer caring if I’m heard. All I have to do is reach the fortress of white at the end of the street and get inside, hopefully.


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