The Process: Combining Re-Writes

So I started working on a fantasy novel temptatively called “Waking Dream” a good year and a half ago. Re-write the prologue twice in two different file names and then wrote out the first chapter. Went back some time after and instead of just editing that file, started a new one called chapter 1 rewrite. Ended up writing into my sixth chapter and then put the project on hold.

So I was combing my files from multiple sources and found all these revisions and was like “the hell?” Spent about the last half hour combining them into a new file and ensuring all formatting and such is correct and now I feel like redoing the last two before beginning on the rest.

That’s how I feel my writing likes to go sometimes. It becomes a large mess of multiple files and rewrites and then needs to be combined into one coherent file later on down the road. Is that problematic? Not really, cause all writers have their quirks, right?

But never-the-less, it’s done for the moment. You can catch the prologue, called “Nightmare Fall” here.

End of musing


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