Create a Creature

Here is a challenge idea I came up with when I created my Quozilpots post. Details are as follows:

Create a Creature:

Fantasy lovers and writers tend to come up with their own monsters to populate their worlds. Even the famed D&D creators did so with their Monster Manuel (I mean, have you ever LOOKED inside one of those?) It’s a fun little writing exercise that I plan to take on every so often just for the laughs and hope you enjoy taking it on!

So here are the rules:

1: Create a creature, with its own name, or take on a fresh description of a known fantasy or mythical creature

2: Needs to have the “Create-a-Creature” tag so that others can find it.

3: Link back to the original post! I would love to see what people come up with.

4: Challenge three to five writers to see if they will take a shot at it.

5: have fun!!

So, I suppose here is where I challenge other writers. Let’s see how many I can manage:

1: BlackCherriess
2: The Caffeinated Writer
3: Cozy Corner

Have fun, my friends!


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