Quozilpots. Why did it have to be them. The creatures of night life and death. They look similar to gnomes, with their short, knee high bodies and banana shaped noses. But they are only dressed in loincloth, dancing with crooked spears. Brown, liver spotted skin with white hair, even in their youngest.

My arms are strapped to a pole, hanging over a disastrous flame that dances nearly as much as the impish creatures do. They speak, but only in intelligible clicks and murmurs that resembles speach. Ugly, bug-eyed critters with pupils for whites and red in the center. I feared for my life with these creatures, my blade taken by their chieftain in his gaudy feathered headress. How was I to get away from these demons was beyond me.

In a genre that easily uses standard mythological creatures maybe it’s time to create my own. Meet the Quozilpots! Similar to a mix of gnomes and goblins (like the ones you’d see in a beyond fantasy rather than the Tolkien version, mind you!) Sounds like a tribe of kobolds with a penchant for human flesh!

Hope you all enjoyed and let me know what you think of them!


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