Social Media: Where to Find Me

Updated: Twitter link should now work.

Social Media is a necessary evil, as I have come to find out. It helps connect to far more people the more sites you use but alas also takes up more time.

This is just a post linking all of my social media sites that I use. Sometimes I will post something exclusively to one of those three other sites so give me a follow or like to see more from me.

On Facebook, I have a page called Darkened Ocean. It’s named after my old blog name, and just haven’t had the heart to rename it to something else yet. You can use the link on the side (browsers) or in the menu icon on mobile/tablet or use the link below to find it.

Darkened Ocean on Facebook


Though I don’t use it nearly as much as my Facebook page I do plan on using it more often. (Soon as I get the silly hashtag stuff).


And finally, Tumbr.

It’s much like using wordpress but with other benefits as well. I’m still trying to learn how it works but I have already made a Tumblr Exclusive post on that site. Because I can. Here is the link:

RenderedSouls2016 on Tumblr

So far, that is it. If I add more I will post it up in my About Me/Contact page. Have a great day.


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