Feeling Underwhelmed


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Sometimes, I just wonder what I am doing. Sometimes I just feel that what work I do isn’t good enough. Sometimes I just feel that what I do isn’t inspiring, isn’t worthwhile. Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like my work is just too underwhelming.

More often then not, I just see likes, maybe a comment here and there. Views means little, and actual visitors are few and far between. My attempts to be involved in the community seems to give nothing back.

And that just leaves me feeling very… depressed.

I do know that this is just a feeling that will pass. It’s not that my work isn’t appreciated, liked or what have you. It’s just I’m in a market, a medium, that is far overpopulated. My pieces are not connecting to the right audience. At least, that’s what I feel more and more often.

Maybe it’s the tags I use? Maybe it’s not. I wonder a lot about why I worry so much about the seemingly lackluster stats, my large gap between actual views and likes.

But it’s all in passing. I have more to offer, I’m not a quitter. I will continue to pump out more content, more work. My content types will be more varied, more stories and poems and artwork and any other skill I have will be used to the best of my abilities. I will get stronger as a writer/artist. I will get more follows, likes, comments, etc. Won’t I?

Only time will tell the truth of it all.


11 thoughts on “Feeling Underwhelmed

  1. I think everyone gets more views than likes and comments. I’ve wondered about this disparity also, and think it may be from non-bloggers following some link to one’s blog, and not being able to like or comment because they aren’t on WordPress and don’t create an account so they can comment and like. Just a thought.


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