Working on Something

I know I haven’t really been posting much this past week. Writing has not been my strong suit this week, but instead other forms of art has taken a bigger hold on my mind. And by that I mean the 3D modelling I’ve been working on.


Take note of the image above. It was a work in progress for a coffee shop style scene with multiple areas to be depicted. But the scene above has been scrapped after a bit. I can’t really say scrapped, because I still have the file and had put a lot more work on it afterwards, but the scene there really wasn’t working the way I had originally planned. So, fun stuff ensues and I took the coffee and tea cup, table and chair and appended it to a new file, as well as some previous attempts, to rebuild everything from.

The thing was, the proportions and sizes weren’t working out. So I took everything and put it in a new file, matched sizes for all items to fit more properly and am now working to design the shop based off those sizes for a more realistic approach. It’s always fun, and I also added new artwork and designs into the new items I added as well to give them more of a custom feel.

Anyways, as things progress I’ll add them up on here. But for now, enjoy the latest render of the scene above to get a better feel of what I was attempting to create.


Hope everyone is having a great and productive week!


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