Beyond The Fall.

I remember the fall. The feeling as of I was dying, falling away from my body. The way she looked down at me with concern, my name on her lips as she tries to call me back to myself.

That fall was days ago. I had found myself in a strange land, with magic and swords, wizards and knights and soldiers. A land with the woman of flame hair, fire in her eyes. And in sleep I find no rest.

That black pit, the precipice right before a more deadly fall. A black vortex in the sky above the pit, whirling and draining the purplish blue clouds and green air. The voice, disembodied, calling out, asking why I am there. Why did I keep returning to that wicked place, a looming evil, or returning to a fall with what sounded like sobs slowed down to a barely audible sound?

When I woke, I pondered this for a time. My blade, the one given to me by the firebrand, held up by the headboard calls for my touch, or so it felt. This world was where I was, and as I grasp the hilt and prepare myself for a new dawn, a new day in a world I know little of, I shake away my fears and thoughts.

Whatever my destiny is, I will see it through to the end.


The piece that is referenced above can be found here: The Nightmare Fall.

This is just a writing practice to return myself into the world above, to reignite the flames I have for this book I wish to create, so that I can continue writing it. I have mentioned it before now, twice, as well as other works I intend to work on, such as my Encounters Anthology.

Hopefully by the end of the year, I will have this book completed and a larger tapestry of the world of Encounters done. Do enjoy your day, folks, and let me know what you guys think! I always enjoy comments and almost always reply.


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