Waking Dream Sample Chapter

Chapter 2

Darkness surrounded me. I heard a distant scream that rang like bells through the silence, followed by sobs. The noises were slow, as if coming to me from a low speed tape recording. The crying and sobbing resounded pain through my chest, and for a moment I had thought that it was my own. I reach through the darkness as if to pull a veil from over my eyes but I only caught sight of my own hand. I clench my fingers into my palm, my knuckles turning white but it didn’t feel like my own hand.

I began to think that it was a dream that I was in. The distant sounds grew more distant, but I could still hear the tones that told me who was crying. It wasn’t me, but the woman from a world where I belonged. A woman I cared for and loved, who shared years of joy and happiness with me. I started feeling light fall onto me, a light that could not be seen at first. Soon I began to realize that I was still connected to my own body from home, but could not find the line to reel me back to my world. I started reaching and groping in the darkness, flailing in the void.

My movements began to cause ripples in the void around me. Soon, pockets of white and black became visible to me. In the distance the noises faded, and it felt like all my movements where sending me farther away from it. I wished and begged to return home but yet still I fell through light and darkness. I started seeing colors appear, contrasting and saturating around me.

 I found myself standing at the edge of a cliff. I could see grass between my toes as I stared downwards, into a ravine that went straight down where till no light could penetrate. I look up towards the sky, and my heart soon sank into my stomach. The sky was a mixture of all colors, swirling into a vortex if light and darkness. The surreal visual was dark and eerie, like the pit of hell was staring me in the face.

“You should not be here…” a voice called out to me. The voice was both deep and high, like two people talking at once. “The stage is not set for you yet, mortal…”

I did not understand what was meant by the disembodied voice. Soon, everything around me began to swirl once more and then, I could not discern my existence.


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