Be my Druidess.


We often came here in the night. We have passed many moons and suns as we delved deeper into this dark forest. I still remember those nights of passion in beds of leaves and twigs. The deepness of the darkness as you held me close.

We were studying under the same master, of magic as old as history itself. We grew many plants and crops in our seperate gardens, and even more in our shared love in the forest.

The way you made me blush. The way you made my heart beat within my chest with the power of all the wind in the world. That one time you had made me feel truly special for the last time in my life before your passing. As I lay this withering rose on your grave for the tenth year since that day, I recite them once more.

“Be my druidess.”

Okay, a little something new for me. I’m not a big fan of romance writing, nor of most things related to romance. But for tonight, not only as seeing things in a different light and view, but as practice in a completely out of my comfort zone style.

Hope you enjoyed it! Leave me a comment below and tell me what you guys think.


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