Data: Corrupted


Begin download.

As the machine hooked up to my head begins to whirl, I begin to let loose all fear, all emotions. I can feel my memories being pulled away, sucked away as if drawn by a vacuum.

Then u can feel my heart pulse as it too gers its core emotional affinity taken, downloading into a soul-less machine. Each minute, each second, feeling more and more raw by the minute. Percentages are called out around me, and the people who watch closely. They watch me die inside this body, being pulled into a virtual world that they have created.

And then I feel nothing. I can no longer discern scent nor sight. I felt like I was being drawn into a tiny tube, pulling me away from a now dead or dying form to one that required little to live. I could feel the pulsing of energy, of electricity and circuitry as I awaited within a virtual place. A holding cell of everything that they thought made me human, pulled from what once was human.

Transfer to digital complete.

Prepared to download to new host.

With this, I hope, I will be the first one to download completely into the new body. I hope to be the first android. The first to live beyond this point.

For many before me never managed to fully download. For them all, death was certain when they saw: DATA: CORRUPTED

Not the best story ever written, but I feel better now that it is out of my system. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Note: image at top, and all other content in this post is purely my own work.


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