“Look over there, darling. Have you ever seen anything this spectacular?”

I was excited about the fair. I wanted to go on every ride, play every game. I have never been, and when he asked me to go with him, I could not contain my enthusiasm. Not just for the fair, but also for the chance of being with the cutest guy on campus.

Day 2 of 100 for the 100 Day Writing Challenge: Emotions





“Don’t scream! Screaming isn’t pushing!”

Truest words I have ever heard.

“Push!” … “Breathe, dearest, breathe.”

A different scream. That of a child. My heart fills with joy, a lead-in ed joy that sat outstretched throughout my body. They had my son, our son. A start of a life and a new chapter in ours. I kiss her on the forehead as they clean our boy up, my eyes fixated on her exhausted form.

“I love you, dearest.”

Day 1 of 100 of the 100 Day Challenge: Emotions



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I stad upon the roof of the world.
I find myself lodged within the soil.
My branches lifted, soaring outwards.

The sun is shining upon my leaves,
I ingest it, feeding from it.
Feeling my life come anew.

The soil is rich and plenty of water.
Soaking up the nutrients
Feeling renewed and energized.

The rot and plague that winter gave
Swiftly currented upwards
Flying away with the wind through my boughs.

And so I stand renewed and uplifted,
Grounded and safe
For another spring to autumn coming.


March is almost over. Hurray!

First of all, happy rainbow farting bunny rabbit day Easter! Lots of love, eggs, and springtime madness to all of you!

Secondly, my birthday was a couple weeks ago. Twenty eight years done, who knows how many more to go. I don’t pay much attention to them anymore, honestly but it is scary to know I’m almost thirty years old. Scary, but kind of exciting too.

Anyways, all joking and humor aside, I am taking part of a new challenge at the beginning of April. It is the A to Z challenge, 2016. Here’s even the sticker for it, for fun:


I will continue to keep pumping out content for the rest of the month of March but it hasn’t been an easy month for me. Writer’s block has been a pain, so no work has been done towards my writing goals as far as book writing is concerned. Hopefully that will be alleviated before too much longer.

Anyways, have a wonderful, eggtastic day!

Yesteryear – Vogue Historia

“Russia was stomped by Napoleon’s might!”

“That can’t be right, Victor. All the history books say he was stomped by Russia?”

“Was it the germans, then?”

“Let me ask you, what language do we speak?”


“Then no. Russia crushed all.”

“Even the cold war?”

“Well, not really all but that wasn’t a true war.”

“Man this book was wrong, then. Thought it sounded wrong.”

“Where did you get that?”

“Some bookstore I can’t seem to find again. Why?”

Something about Barstool Conversations


Barstool Conversations – a rundown.

So, I have already mentioned this a couple days ago about this short series of stories but I wanted to give a bit more detail about how they were written.

Let’s start with statistics. One and three both tied with my other top like post, “Why” at 16 likes each. Amazing. I’m very flattered. Views and such aside, though, I think it was successful compared to my other content.

Now. About how those stories came to be:

The first one was a gag. It started out as five lines with little to no meaning behind them. They started with just dialog, no other explanations to them. They didn’t even have quotation marks at first. I enjoyed it, but felt it needed just a little more to them, so I added in a few lines, turned the original lines into dialog, and then added the image and the title last.

The second and third ended up being written in pretty much the same way.

I am glad you all have enjoyed!

The Endearing Beer Speech


“Sit down lass, you going too fast.”

“Never is too fast when we’re this busy, my friend.” A quick smirk, slight feisty one, cross her red lips.

“Then lemme tell ya somethin.”

“Not another of your fanciful tells, I hope!”

“I’ll listen.” I chime in.

“Lass should be more like ya, stranger.”

“I’m in no hurry to get anywhere.” Was true, had all night to drown my sorrows this time.

“Aye, if only more people were to think that way these days, m’ friend. But aye, be a decade ago today that I first arrived in this gods forsaken bar. The lass was probably a wee thing back then, but the one behind the counter then was this beauty that no man could ever dream of.”

“Oh, you mean Shiela?” I had been coming here longer than he had.

“Nah, I mean her twin! Of course I mean Shiela! Gods got no manners in men these days… Where was I…”

“Talking about Shiela the first day you ever stopped here?”

“Right, right. Aye, she was a fine Lass, something this ‘ere wench could never be in her prime. She was a sweet one on me, too, if ya know what I mean.”

Barstool Conversations 3.