Desire: Writing for Publishing

I’m sure that some of you to notice that I haven’t been posting much here lately. There is multitudes of reasons for this, sadly, but there are also some others that I do wish to share at this time.

I have a novel in the works. It’s in early drafting phase, which is some good while before it will be completed. It is temptatively titled: Waking Dream.

But I also wish to start working on a short story series under the “Encounters” world that I have created while working on this blog, and previous iterations of it I should say.

Though the original material will be lost for all time, I do know what the stories were and will be a blast to recreate and build up from. I’m going to be setting a goal for my first Encounters story to be published by December, earlier if I can get it completed, edited, and all that fun stuff before the December deadline.

Here’s to goals, and hope everyone is reaching theirs!!!

Richard Piland, Author to Be.


Just to inform, but I have also updated my Facebook page from it’s old name, “Darkened Oceans” to one more fit. I’ll also be changing the name, web address, and general feel of my blog here to further fit that end. So be sure to stop by often and let me know how it goes, as any comments and feedback are appreciated.


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