Soul Sovereign


Darkness washed from within him. His body cloaked in the depths of depravity and evil. His eyes glinted red from behind a mass of fallen, matted black hair that fell in every direction. His mind ran for miles in seconds, schemes of death and destruction cascading into lucid dreams and pure hatred.

Before him laid the crumpled body of a warrior with golden wings. A broken bronze gladius laid before the body, who twitched in what the evil one could only imagine as the most horrendous of death throws. He had pelted this warrior with the greatest of evil magics and the farther this warrior’s soul fell, the more he fed off of it.

He will be the Soul Sovereign. The corrupter of a world who never could dream of the depths of his presence. He will win his war, he thought, as he began to withdraw from within his blackness, taking his normal form once more. Black wings tinged in red streaks begin to beat, lifting his body high into the sky.

With a breathe of air, Savius yelled out to all the worlds. “I will destroy you all!”

I felt that the artwork above, which I created, created the short story above. It is a new piece in the world of Encounters, based off of Savius’ perception. For more stories based off this world, check this page out!

Have a wonderful day, and let me know what you guys think!


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