Cause lord knows I need to set some, don’t I?

Well, more than the ones I have already set for myself. There are some I really need to adhere to in the previously attached link, but I also need to set my goals for the blog a bit better than I have.

Honestly, I haven’t been participating in community challenges, or hardly anything else, for various reasons. Some of them are due to my own life needs, and others just cause I’m lazy. Well, more the latter of the two. I really have been lazy. Most of my posts are raw, unedited writings without any form of editing and sometimes not even proofread. Not a good thing either, which might be why I get a lot of views without a whole lot of likes, heh.

So here are my goals for the rest of the year, blog wise.

  • Complete challenges
  • Write based on Prompts
  • Write more content, PERIOD, and more often
  • Write something at least two times a day three days a week

Now just need to superglue those goals to my brain and get it done.

Does setting goals for yourself help with your writing? Let me know!

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