Something about Barstool Conversations


Barstool Conversations – a rundown.

So, I have already mentioned this a couple days ago about this short series of stories but I wanted to give a bit more detail about how they were written.

Let’s start with statistics. One and three both tied with my other top like post, “Why” at 16 likes each. Amazing. I’m very flattered. Views and such aside, though, I think it was successful compared to my other content.

Now. About how those stories came to be:

The first one was a gag. It started out as five lines with little to no meaning behind them. They started with just dialog, no other explanations to them. They didn’t even have quotation marks at first. I enjoyed it, but felt it needed just a little more to them, so I added in a few lines, turned the original lines into dialog, and then added the image and the title last.

The second and third ended up being written in pretty much the same way.

I am glad you all have enjoyed!


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