March is almost over. Hurray!

First of all, happy rainbow farting bunny rabbit day Easter! Lots of love, eggs, and springtime madness to all of you!

Secondly, my birthday was a couple weeks ago. Twenty eight years done, who knows how many more to go. I don’t pay much attention to them anymore, honestly but it is scary to know I’m almost thirty years old. Scary, but kind of exciting too.

Anyways, all joking and humor aside, I am taking part of a new challenge at the beginning of April. It is the A to Z challenge, 2016. Here’s even the sticker for it, for fun:


I will continue to keep pumping out content for the rest of the month of March but it hasn’t been an easy month for me. Writer’s block has been a pain, so no work has been done towards my writing goals as far as book writing is concerned. Hopefully that will be alleviated before too much longer.

Anyways, have a wonderful, eggtastic day!


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