“Don’t scream! Screaming isn’t pushing!”

Truest words I have ever heard.

“Push!” … “Breathe, dearest, breathe.”

A different scream. That of a child. My heart fills with joy, a lead-in ed joy that sat outstretched throughout my body. They had my son, our son. A start of a life and a new chapter in ours. I kiss her on the forehead as they clean our boy up, my eyes fixated on her exhausted form.

“I love you, dearest.”

Day 1 of 100 of the 100 Day Challenge: Emotions


One thought on “Birth

  1. As someone who has given birth those first lines are so true.
    Though I hated when people told me to push or breath. They where way to happy sounding while I was screaming in pain. 28 hours of labor and 35 minutes of pushing. Nurses where so sugary sweet I could have frosted a cake with their words.

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