75 Follows Can Soon Be 100?

Today I want to talk about progress.

Progress in novel writing isnt going too well. Me, the wife and both boys have been sick over the past week and even before that my other full time commitment has been brutal. I hopefully can start working that out soon.

Now, about this A to Z challenge. One of my posts broke my current record for most liked. From 16 to over 20 now. Hurray. Hoping the rest of the month’s challenge works out just as well.

My other current challenge, the 100 days of Writing, is still being worked on. But most of it has been written longhand and typing it up for WordPress has been a bit of a pain since then. Sorry about that.

I will also try to return to both my regular short story posts and my Barstool Conversation style within the next week, as well as a couple others.

Finally hit 75 followers today! Now my goal is to get to 100. Might do a contest after that, but haven’t decided yet.

I hope everyone else is having an equally productive month! See you all back here tomorrow.

Richard P.


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