“I have this letter for you, sir.”

A letter, now that was rare. I hoped it was from my dear aunt May from England. But holding the letter, there was no addresser. But curiosity caught hold, and i opened the envelope and pulled the single vellum sheet from within.

“Dear Michael Kent Warchester III,”

“I regrettably write to inform you that your dear aunt, Mariland Warchester, has passed. It happened quickly, in her sleep. Her will demands your immediate arrival and attention, as you are the last known living relative.”

My aunt had passed. I swallowed the heartache and continued reading.

“If you do not arrive by the end of summer, all items and estates will be delegated to a suitable person. Such person is a rival of your family and mine. Hurry, please.”

All that was undersigned was an elegantly written “K”. I knew I needed to depart immediately. I shove the letter into my jacket pocket, kept my pain swallowed, and thanked internally this mysterious K.

Written for the A to Z 2016 Challenge.


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