Stress Management – Not getting work done

Basically, i can already say i fail at challenges and such. Not because i cant write, but mostly because my luck runs out after some time.

Im just going to be griping from here on in, but for the most part, I’m calling my attempt at the A to Z 2016 challenge has cascaded into a failing wrecked mess. Not for lack of trying.

No, its due to a lack of stress management. Not writing stress. Other obligations kind of stress. The ol 9 to 5 is getting, well, old. Bad. Like its bad when i cant do my own work cause nobody wants to do theirs kind of bad. It sucks, but it is a major part of why i cant get any writing done. Wish my hours were 9 to 5 every day, haha!

Other than that, i do hope to get back to standard content soon. Take care.


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