Black Widow


Infectious, intoxicating viral affliction. As my dagger sank deeper into his spine, between two ribs and into a lung, I can hear his bloody attempt at a scream behind my hand.

Limping, tormented soul. A fluid seeps from his eyes as his nose trickles with blood. The stream gains momentum and covers my hand as I pull the blood and envenomed blade from his form.

Sadness, maddening grief. My heart aches at this man. He was kind and loving, a hero among friends and gentle in bed. But the black widow must strike, and strike I did.

Longing, a feeling soon repressed. I focus and steel my will as I turn to make my escape. The bounty was high, and with hope, i can find another like him after I have retired this sinful profession.


One thought on “Black Widow

  1. I love it! Though I assume that this is a women and not the actual spider, it has many points I love. Mainly how she knows that he was a decent guy and is killing him because she has to, not really because she wants to.

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