Book Progress?

I haven’t been writing enough. With everything that has been going on in the last two months it definitely has been rough. I do apologize for that, but hopefully once everything is under control (Blood Pressure, work, etc) I should be able to start focusing more on writing.

That being said, it hasn’t been completely without progress since my last update post. I have started working on “Waking Dream” again. I went and did something silly so i could work on it more often, which was to put a text editor on my phone. I primarily draft with my phone and will be doing my edits via a laptop/PC when i hit that stage. Then i went and created a new file and started from the point where i had hit a roadblock. Luckily, that actually helped eliminate some of the writer’s block that had me unable to continue the story.

It’s also with that same text editor that my last couple of poems were written, instead of just freewriting into wordpress itself. It has definitely given me more options.

Do enjoy your day and will see you back here again soon as I can!


8 thoughts on “Book Progress?

  1. Good luck, I am writing a fantasy novel myself, its always nice to read such posts and know I am not alone in my creative journey. Because as we all know, writing is a journey in self discovery.

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    • Thanks! It is a struggle at first but I’m finding it is getting easier the farther I go. So long as we dont let ourselves fall into any of the first-time trappings and get it done right, all would be well.


      • That’s right, you get all kinds of absurd advice and opinions, some one told me the hardest writing comes at the 30k mark. And am like, no two writing experiences are the same! duh

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      • Right! I’ve attempted to write novels in the past and starting has always been the hardest part. Now I’m past chapter 14 (my chapters are kinda on the short end) and its getting easier.


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