Final Fantasy

(Just hit play and relax a bit, no video other than the same background)

I love most everything Final Fantasy. It has been one of my favorite game series since the first time i played 6 (SNES titled it 3 in North America upon original state side release). But one game that has stuck with me forever besides 7 (NOT my favorite, but pretty damned close) was 8. The themes, the music, the style, everything about it I loved except the final fight. That aside, the theme up top is from the game, and one of the most relaxing pieces of Nobuo Uematsu history.

With Final Fantasy XV coming out before too long, I have been wistfully playing all the classic games, and man do those nostalgia hits make me feel old sometimes. Anybody can talk about the series and I would know almost everything they would be talking about, but I get a lot of flack for liking 8 over 7. Sorry, just my preference, i suppose.

But this is me rambling about yesterday’s gone. Let me talk about XV a bit. I am excited, very excited for the latest game. I was a bit under impressed when they teased 15 being the next game at the end of twelve on the collector’s edition (twelve was a major disappointment… let’s not go into that one, shall we?) But then they put it on the back burner to come with 13’s three game run of ruined waiting. Thirteen was okay, XIII-2 was fun, ish. Then Lightning Returns? Couldn’t even get passed the first couple hours without retiring the game from my collection for good.

But 15’s delays gave it the chance to be the experience they wanted it to be. And man, have you seen everything that has been put into this thing? A 6 episode Anime series with 1 episode released a month until launch, a fully CGI movie, and the open world game itself? Now that takes guts. And the more I see from it the more I wish I could dump money into it now for the pre-order exclusives and crap. I wish, but other needs keep me from doing preorders, like, ever.

So all in all, I can’t wait to see the direction this set of games take, and the future of the series. (Though I hate to admit that if this game and its other ventures don’t do well enough, it might be the final one…)

This video’s the closest one I could find to my favorite trailer with Florence and the Machine’s version of “Stand By Me” in it. It’s awesome, check it out.


Social Media Rant 3: Tumblr

Tumblr is a blogging community similar to that of WordPress, but different in so many ways. It has plenty of native features and has a strong community, if you can get into it. But Tumblr is also so very different in that it’s more social media than a blogosphere.

And this is where I begin to hate it. And i mean, there is plenty to hate about the outlet that I could probably write an entire thesis on it if I tried. Not that it is any less popular than any other form of social media, it is in fact a bit more popular than some (Imagur, Pinterest to name a couple.)

The thing is, unlike WordPress, which is such a wonderful and mostly professional blog community that reaches however many people a day, there is almost a tenth of that kind of community on Tumblr. The rest? This:


Now, don’t get me wrong. There might be an entire, less concise side of tumblr that is better than these kinds of posts, but this is the way Tumblr has its popularity. Not only that, but the above image is also how their “comments” system seems to work. You “reblog” and comment on it for others to “reblog” afterwards. Not a big fan of the aesthetic design of this, and is very reminiscent of older sites that had done that style for almost a generation! Not only that but all activity of a blog post is called “notes”, which you have to go to a separate page (depending on how it is viewed) to see what the activity someone’s post had.

Then there is also the more problematic, though rarer, pornography blogs that will sit there and follow you. It takes tumblr a few days to completely remove one of these annoyances from your activity list and the site directory all together, which can lead a man to trouble with his wife when she goes through his activity and sees one of them following him! (Never happened to me, being hypothetical haha)

Otherwise, I just use it mainly to link to my blog posts here. At least the Hashtag Regime isn’t so bad there as it is with Twitter, more like regular tags here on WordPress.

Main takeaway: The site is more for quoting and sometimes silly, seemingly random games rather than professional. Tagging posts is simple, and still effective but the tags need to be different than what you would use for Twitter or WordPress for any notes to stream in.

100th Post Blues

100th post,
Freestyle, chilling
Cold sweat, fever
Fear of what is foretold

A land of dreams,
Turned, twisted,
Blues beyond the soul

Boxed up, drafted,
Re-routed until posted
Still unsure
Of where to go.

Wonder, wanderer,
Unattended flounderer,
Written oceans
Darkened by the unknown

Find light,
Go forth,
Conquer fear and fright
For beyond…

Is post 101.

Hurray. After three days of battling the 100th post blues, I finally decided to post it. This marks a new milestone so soon after my previous one (100 followers) as my 100th Post here on wordpress. Yay, milestones.

Have a great day

The Charred Rose (Fire Fights Fire 3)

“Damn it to hell!”

I run down the destroyed hallway, through the guts and charred remains of my partner’s body. I had to.swallow the bile that came up as I took the corner back to where the female murder machine came from before whipping around. She stood at the edge, her revolver held up menacingly in my direction. I fire another short burst, five rounds speeding her way. She rolled and dodged to the right, firing a round herself mid tumble.

My heavy training as a black ops member began to kick in, curving and turning my body to dodge the speeding bullet. It was my turn to bring out the big guns. I pulled a grenade with my left hand, flipping a toggle switch from auto-detonate to magnetic mode and tossed it. I heard the audible click of the electromagnetic tube turning to lethal mode halfway down the hall, and fired two more short bursts at the crazed witch.

She popped off a round herself, but not towards me. As expected, the grenade burst into an intense flame as her round shredded through the hull, knocking us both backwards. I managed to my feet and dove behind cover before another two rounds came speeding past.

“Not bad, little man! But if that’s the last of your tricks I’ll be putting the next six rounds through your skull!” Six. She had already fired all of her first set of rounds!

I pop out from behind the corner, staring down the sights as I aimed at her. Even her reloading the revolver was elegant, even if she was doing it one-handed. As she slipped the shells into their place, I began firing. She jump and spun in the air, landing on the opposite side of the hall as I kept raining bullets in her direction. Then my magazine clipped, chiming in annoyingly mocking tones that it had run dry.

Blood pooled from several tears in her left arm, her good one, and the revolver was left on the ground. The bullets she had so expertly tried to load had strewn themselves on the ground. “Bravo, soldier, you win this round!” I hastily switch out mags but before I could aim again she was gone. All that remained was a charred rose, laying on the ground beside her beloved revolver.

I still have that revolver to this day, seeking an end to the Death Rose.

Progress Report 6-20-16

Good news! I am finally writing new content in my book. Not looking back at older chapters anymore except for references I kight have forgotten to take note of.

So now, where am I at, progress wise? Glad I asked (see what I did there!)

Current Word Count: 21,120!

Finally passed the first twenty thousand words and I’m feeling wonderful about the story so far.

Well, except when it comes to any monotonous traveling in the story. Lord help me with this one. Not that they aren’t without their importance. Just gotta build up that world and get better acquainted with characters, right? Ah well. It’s all for the best.

I also found a work flow that actually works well for me. Instead of working in one giant file, I started breaking it down in easy to swallow files of two chapters a piece. Granted, it might not work for too long, but it works wonders now and it has helped me get through the meat of all those re-written chapters I did.

Anyways, that’s all for this update! Have a wonderful and productive day!

Social Media Rant 2: Twitter

Okay, I have two main beefs with Twitter. Well, more than that but there is two that I will focus on in this post.

First and foremost: the adoption of Hashtagging! This is by far one of the steepest learning curves I have ever had to go through, and i used to play around with computer programming! Hashtags can be amazing if done right, but mostly i find them pointless.

There is also the unspoken rules of hashtags. Don’t overdo them, but don’t underestimate them either. I’ve read many an article about how Hashtagging every single word in your tweets is a humongous no-no. Just don’t do it. But don’t use simple, broad and generic tags either. Here in lies the problem I have with it: I generally use three or four that I change out with each post. Since I’m a writer/author type poster, i generally lean to use “#amwriting” and “#amwritingfiction” or even the simple  (and far too bland) “#writing”. Those simply leads to the next major problem I have with Twitter, next paragraph. And even then, the results still got me pretty much nowhere.

Now, about the next problem: Fake Followers. This is a major problem with Twitter that any who use the social media outlet can understand. These are bot programs set up to follow certain tags and those who use them, in hopes of getting a follow back to promote whatever they are getting paid to promote. And I mean these guys use them as “re-tweet generators”. Nothing against them if they work, but if you have 64 followers and about 80 per cent of them are bots? Then your message is not getting out well enough.

The general takeaway for those who can use the service better than myself should be this: Master the #hashtagregime and know who your true followers are, and how to reach them.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a mess of Twitter auto-emailed junk to clear out! And to see if there really is a hashtag called “#hashtagregime”. That would be awesome if I created it!