Blood and Flowers (Fire Fights Fire 2)

(Part One)

The buzzing of a chain gun. Blood piling on the floor. My partner had grabbed me and shoved me into a room just a few feet away, and as I fell inwards, i saw him wink as he fell.

The whirring noise continued, though the bullets stopped pelting. I could hear the sounds of metal boots stomping on broken tiles. Then, as I rose, an explosion knocked me backwards once more. Blood and guts were spraying everywhere, acrid smoke filling my lungs. The whirring died out in the blast, but still it walked. I stood quickly, raising my rifle towards the archway.

The figure first pointed his arm inwards, but the chain gun barrels did not spin. A small piece of metal had impaled it at their base. Then the green slit of eyes peered into the room. I could only feel anger as I loosen a volley of bullets towards that demonic green slit, not caring about my own safety. When the tunnel vision subsided, the clip having run empty, all that was at the doorway was the heavy black cloak.

I shifted position, starting to look around myself to see where the figure had gone. I reloaded as fast as I could with trembling hands. He wasn’t dead! He can’t be dead yet! Then I finally looked up, and the rifle slipped from my hands in fear.

There he was, having shoved his now useless weapon arm through the ceiling and staring me down from above. His left hand held a long barreled revolver, and he dislodged himself to stand before me. He held the gun up to my face, and I was sure that I was about to die. The figure, dressed in a skin tight black stealth suit with a black helmet that showed none of his face, just stood there, waiting.

“Come on, this has been the most fun I’ve had in months… Don’t make me end it now.”

The voice was feminine, and I finally realized that he wasn’t a he at all. Long, flowing black hair flowed behind her thin neck and wide shoulders. I slowly bend down, taking the rifle back in hand.

“Your buddy did mess up the best gun-arm money could buy, so please let me have my fun tormenting you!”

She launches in the air as I fire off a short burst. I dash forwards as her body twists in mid air, firing her revolver. The round barely passes me by as I duck behind the cover of the archway.

“Good, good! It’s time to play!”


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