Social Media: Why it’s a Pain

Social media really is a pain.

It’s not that it’s hard, honestly. Take a look at any form of social media you use and there are plenty of ways to take advantage of them. But it’s really the number of social media outlets there are that really starts to take it to the next level.

The one that’s the easiest to use is facebook. By ease I mean almost everyone uses it. I use a Facebook page dedicated to just my being an author alone, and my separate, private one. (You can view that here.) Then there is twitter. That’s the one that begins the need of “hashtags” and using them correctly is a learning curve that I have yet to beat. Of course, I’m really late in the game on those kinds of social media outlets so im far overshadowed by other authors long before anyone can get to mine, heh.

Then there is the newer age ones, like Tumblr, Pinterest, just to name a few. Then it starts becoming nearly a full time job just to keep up with them all on top of my full time job! WordPress and the community here is simple enough, and I do enjoy the atmosphere but to further reach the kind of audience I want to, I may have to change things up a bit.

Due to my novel taking all writing priority for most of the time, I have lost a bit of favor towards Social Media. As such, I am dropping two social links for the time being. My Twitter and Tumblr accounts will not be monitored for the time being until such time that I can focus more on them. Facebook will remain my secondary media outlet while I continue with WordPress as my main.

Hope this doesn’t affect any of you guys too much. Have a wonderful and productive day!


16 thoughts on “Social Media: Why it’s a Pain

  1. It is overwhelming. I prioritise WP, Twitter, then Facebook and Tumblr on occasion, but even with them, like yourself i am mid project and writing it is the #1.
    I find it easy to get caught up in it, but am learning to take care of the important thing, writing itself, although blogging is great too I am no longer as neurotic about posting x amount or connecting.

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    • I had pondered for a time about finding a good submit all service but ditched the idea because I was a bit bullheaded and stubborn about making each experience unique in some way. I even posted tumblr exclusives which never did go anywhere.

      Guess tumblr and twitter just aren’t my things? But it did get a bit overwhelming at some points.

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