Progress Report 6-20-16

Good news! I am finally writing new content in my book. Not looking back at older chapters anymore except for references I kight have forgotten to take note of.

So now, where am I at, progress wise? Glad I asked (see what I did there!)

Current Word Count: 21,120!

Finally passed the first twenty thousand words and I’m feeling wonderful about the story so far.

Well, except when it comes to any monotonous traveling in the story. Lord help me with this one. Not that they aren’t without their importance. Just gotta build up that world and get better acquainted with characters, right? Ah well. It’s all for the best.

I also found a work flow that actually works well for me. Instead of working in one giant file, I started breaking it down in easy to swallow files of two chapters a piece. Granted, it might not work for too long, but it works wonders now and it has helped me get through the meat of all those re-written chapters I did.

Anyways, that’s all for this update! Have a wonderful and productive day!


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