Social Media Rant 2: Twitter

Okay, I have two main beefs with Twitter. Well, more than that but there is two that I will focus on in this post.

First and foremost: the adoption of Hashtagging! This is by far one of the steepest learning curves I have ever had to go through, and i used to play around with computer programming! Hashtags can be amazing if done right, but mostly i find them pointless.

There is also the unspoken rules of hashtags. Don’t overdo them, but don’t underestimate them either. I’ve read many an article about how Hashtagging every single word in your tweets is a humongous no-no. Just don’t do it. But don’t use simple, broad and generic tags either. Here in lies the problem I have with it: I generally use three or four that I change out with each post. Since I’m a writer/author type poster, i generally lean to use “#amwriting” and “#amwritingfiction” or even the simple  (and far too bland) “#writing”. Those simply leads to the next major problem I have with Twitter, next paragraph. And even then, the results still got me pretty much nowhere.

Now, about the next problem: Fake Followers. This is a major problem with Twitter that any who use the social media outlet can understand. These are bot programs set up to follow certain tags and those who use them, in hopes of getting a follow back to promote whatever they are getting paid to promote. And I mean these guys use them as “re-tweet generators”. Nothing against them if they work, but if you have 64 followers and about 80 per cent of them are bots? Then your message is not getting out well enough.

The general takeaway for those who can use the service better than myself should be this: Master the #hashtagregime and know who your true followers are, and how to reach them.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a mess of Twitter auto-emailed junk to clear out! And to see if there really is a hashtag called “#hashtagregime”. That would be awesome if I created it!


2 thoughts on “Social Media Rant 2: Twitter

  1. I feel your pain about those issues. I like Twitter a lot. But the fake followers and the hashtags are cumbersome. I don’t know what some hashtags mean, especially as it pertains to writing. I have to look them up, and even then it’s not clear. As far as the fake followers, I get notifications on followers who have a small following and have nothing to do with writing, and as such, I don’t bother looking at their profiles. There are a few exceptions, but overall, it’s not worth it.

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    • That’s generally how I feel about twitter. In my previous post I talked about how cumbersome it is to have several social media outlets. My planned post for tomorrow is about tumblr, ha. They are all problematic in one way or another.

      But this post was also a way to show people what to look out for. Hope someone learns from our experiences!

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