The Charred Rose (Fire Fights Fire 3)

“Damn it to hell!”

I run down the destroyed hallway, through the guts and charred remains of my partner’s body. I had to.swallow the bile that came up as I took the corner back to where the female murder machine came from before whipping around. She stood at the edge, her revolver held up menacingly in my direction. I fire another short burst, five rounds speeding her way. She rolled and dodged to the right, firing a round herself mid tumble.

My heavy training as a black ops member began to kick in, curving and turning my body to dodge the speeding bullet. It was my turn to bring out the big guns. I pulled a grenade with my left hand, flipping a toggle switch from auto-detonate to magnetic mode and tossed it. I heard the audible click of the electromagnetic tube turning to lethal mode halfway down the hall, and fired two more short bursts at the crazed witch.

She popped off a round herself, but not towards me. As expected, the grenade burst into an intense flame as her round shredded through the hull, knocking us both backwards. I managed to my feet and dove behind cover before another two rounds came speeding past.

“Not bad, little man! But if that’s the last of your tricks I’ll be putting the next six rounds through your skull!” Six. She had already fired all of her first set of rounds!

I pop out from behind the corner, staring down the sights as I aimed at her. Even her reloading the revolver was elegant, even if she was doing it one-handed. As she slipped the shells into their place, I began firing. She jump and spun in the air, landing on the opposite side of the hall as I kept raining bullets in her direction. Then my magazine clipped, chiming in annoyingly mocking tones that it had run dry.

Blood pooled from several tears in her left arm, her good one, and the revolver was left on the ground. The bullets she had so expertly tried to load had strewn themselves on the ground. “Bravo, soldier, you win this round!” I hastily switch out mags but before I could aim again she was gone. All that remained was a charred rose, laying on the ground beside her beloved revolver.

I still have that revolver to this day, seeking an end to the Death Rose.


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