Final Fantasy

(Just hit play and relax a bit, no video other than the same background)

I love most everything Final Fantasy. It has been one of my favorite game series since the first time i played 6 (SNES titled it 3 in North America upon original state side release). But one game that has stuck with me forever besides 7 (NOT my favorite, but pretty damned close) was 8. The themes, the music, the style, everything about it I loved except the final fight. That aside, the theme up top is from the game, and one of the most relaxing pieces of Nobuo Uematsu history.

With Final Fantasy XV coming out before too long, I have been wistfully playing all the classic games, and man do those nostalgia hits make me feel old sometimes. Anybody can talk about the series and I would know almost everything they would be talking about, but I get a lot of flack for liking 8 over 7. Sorry, just my preference, i suppose.

But this is me rambling about yesterday’s gone. Let me talk about XV a bit. I am excited, very excited for the latest game. I was a bit under impressed when they teased 15 being the next game at the end of twelve on the collector’s edition (twelve was a major disappointment… let’s not go into that one, shall we?) But then they put it on the back burner to come with 13’s three game run of ruined waiting. Thirteen was okay, XIII-2 was fun, ish. Then Lightning Returns? Couldn’t even get passed the first couple hours without retiring the game from my collection for good.

But 15’s delays gave it the chance to be the experience they wanted it to be. And man, have you seen everything that has been put into this thing? A 6 episode Anime series with 1 episode released a month until launch, a fully CGI movie, and the open world game itself? Now that takes guts. And the more I see from it the more I wish I could dump money into it now for the pre-order exclusives and crap. I wish, but other needs keep me from doing preorders, like, ever.

So all in all, I can’t wait to see the direction this set of games take, and the future of the series. (Though I hate to admit that if this game and its other ventures don’t do well enough, it might be the final one…)

This video’s the closest one I could find to my favorite trailer with Florence and the Machine’s version of “Stand By Me” in it. It’s awesome, check it out.


3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy

  1. I love the series. I got into it pretty late and have only played X-II and up.
    Not the best place to start considering it has been likened to fan service these days.
    I recently got Final Fantasy online which was amazing. There newer games (aside from anything with Lightning on it) seems to be pretty good. I haven’t been able to play but I like it none the less.

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    • I think the online FF games are the only numbered ones I haven’t played, heh. But otherwise the series has been mostly ups from 1 to 10, wasnt a big fan of 10-2, 12 was disappointing and so was 13. So I’m hoping that 15 will reignite my passion for the series 🙂

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