Social Media Rant 3: Tumblr

Tumblr is a blogging community similar to that of WordPress, but different in so many ways. It has plenty of native features and has a strong community, if you can get into it. But Tumblr is also so very different in that it’s more social media than a blogosphere.

And this is where I begin to hate it. And i mean, there is plenty to hate about the outlet that I could probably write an entire thesis on it if I tried. Not that it is any less popular than any other form of social media, it is in fact a bit more popular than some (Imagur, Pinterest to name a couple.)

The thing is, unlike WordPress, which is such a wonderful and mostly professional blog community that reaches however many people a day, there is almost a tenth of that kind of community on Tumblr. The rest? This:


Now, don’t get me wrong. There might be an entire, less concise side of tumblr that is better than these kinds of posts, but this is the way Tumblr has its popularity. Not only that, but the above image is also how their “comments” system seems to work. You “reblog” and comment on it for others to “reblog” afterwards. Not a big fan of the aesthetic design of this, and is very reminiscent of older sites that had done that style for almost a generation! Not only that but all activity of a blog post is called “notes”, which you have to go to a separate page (depending on how it is viewed) to see what the activity someone’s post had.

Then there is also the more problematic, though rarer, pornography blogs that will sit there and follow you. It takes tumblr a few days to completely remove one of these annoyances from your activity list and the site directory all together, which can lead a man to trouble with his wife when she goes through his activity and sees one of them following him! (Never happened to me, being hypothetical haha)

Otherwise, I just use it mainly to link to my blog posts here. At least the Hashtag Regime isn’t so bad there as it is with Twitter, more like regular tags here on WordPress.

Main takeaway: The site is more for quoting and sometimes silly, seemingly random games rather than professional. Tagging posts is simple, and still effective but the tags need to be different than what you would use for Twitter or WordPress for any notes to stream in.


5 thoughts on “Social Media Rant 3: Tumblr

  1. I believe Tumblr is more for images than writing, but I do agree with you, it’s not really a serious type of website. I used to be on Tumblr, but it isn’t ideal for someone who just writes. Honestly, there are so many social media sites now, it’s hard to use all of them. Right now I’m building myself up on WordPress, and then I plan to work on Twitter.

    It takes me an hour, sometimes two, to respond to all my comments and write content for my social media sites. It’s like a job in itself.

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  2. I do not like it for the sole fact that people treat it as a source for certain things. As I am part of the LGBT community I hate it when people try to prove a point by linking it to Tumblr. Saying that information on there is valid.
    Which some can be, if a person researches and has a complete understand of what they are talking about, then the link is nice. But if the person just slapped together a few definitions to prove something I don’t see how we should take them seriously.

    My rant is that Tumblr can be a nice website. There are a wide variety of communities on there. I have one. But it should not be taken to heart.

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