New Project?

So, I had been toying with a new idea for a long while but have only just recently created it. The project is called “Dark Authors United”, and is meant to be a place to find authors of similar styles and interests.

Generally, the current rendition allows for contributions, comments on authors that people should check out, and even has the possibility of a monthly magazine release, free of charge.

If it grows well enough, I do plan on adding admins, contributing authors and monthly themes. But first, it needs to grow! So today, I’m posting to advertise the new site over at Dark Authors United. Come check out what’s already in the works!





“Come sail away with me” – Styx, “Come Sail Away”

I stand at the docks. The blistering falsetto sunlight glared from the distance upon my back, the fake wind through my hair. I watch as the gilded ship comes near, the glistening golden vessel from a far off world. I breathe deeply, as the majestic creation of ages past glides through the sphere, a wall of pure energy that acts as a proper atmosphere for the station. Golden sails begin to furl, whirling inwards to the single mast in the center of the top deck. The sailors, as they’ve been called, climb out upon the deck, pulling in ropes and other busy works as the shuttle continued to near.

The air grew humid as the atmospheric dampners began to buzz, using the air circulating around the ship to force the ship to stop. As it slowed, the wind bristled, fluttering the last unfurled parcels of canvas. I stood there, waiting for someone as the sailors began to descend upon the pier. I could hear the ship captain calling orders, men moving quickly to moor. Golden ropes encircle the plastic mooring posts, and soon the gangway was lowered and placed.

I held my ticket in hand, lifting one foot after another as I made my way up the transport vessel, mentally preparing myself for the distant shores and ports we may visit along the way. As I hand my ticket over to the first mate, he smiled. “Welcome aboard the Harbinger. Glad you are here. Come, and in a few hours we will sail away.”

Image source: here; closest thing I could find in a quick search! Technically, I believe it is a still from the movie “Treasure Planet”

When I wrote this, and upon reading it afterwards, it reminds me of old science fiction illustrations and literature. Ships to the stars sail the galaxy, men stand freely upon the decks and singing. The quote at the very beginning really brings that feeling home. I hope you’ve enjoyed. See you again next time!

Devil’s Torment

Check out the previous entry in this series here.

The comms were shot, I already knew as the feedback turned to scattered noise. I immediately bring up the rifle, began aiming as the first hostiles came out from behind the wall. I heard the sounds of a fire fight behind me, watched as the first hostiles were downed in front. No good, more were coming.

“Break form!” I yelled, jumping away from the wall and heading to the closest building. “Fall back!”

Flames burst from the air, slamming against the rocky road ahead of me. “Mites stay and play.” The comms were under the devil’s control, no way to call in an air strike. We all turned and started gunning down any hostiles we could. We switched between us, trying to reserve ammo, letting those who need to reload to take a knee as we gunned down more. Felt like an hour before the enemy retreated back behind their wall, and we could breathe for a moment.

Then there was an explosion. The concussive force knocked me leftward, slamming my left shoulder on the rough pavement. Those of us who could began standing and scrambling for cover, searching for the source of the impact. Three guys lay dead, having took the grenade hit head on.

I was now ducked behind a low wall, rifle ready and searching for a target. Three guys down in one blast, and I didnt even see it coming. There was a harsh, cackling laugh over the comms, and all I wanted to do was bust that ugly face in if I ever saw it. I concentrate momentarily, focusing my eyes on the display. ‘Tactical data confirmed.’

“Check display, move!”

I used the silent commands of my implants to relay my orders to the remaining squad members, sending half to one end of the wall on the other side of the street as I and the other half moved towards the other. The goal was to get close enough for the info-link to scan hostiles again. Half way across the street, the center of the wall burst outwards, sending rock and rubble to smash against the houses and squad members.

I barely dodged when I caught sight of a familiar trend. Large, flowing cloak. Right arm exposed, mechanically enhanced. Face hidden with glowing eyes. But this one was definitely different from Charred Rose. Much different.

Reblog: Je t’aime by BlackCherries

It’s been a long time since I have seen this author post, but she is one astounding author. Her ability to write is inspiring, and so I wanted to take a moment to share her work with you all.



some nights i can’t seem to fall asleep i lie there like a super computer computing a thousand and one thoughts i think about you, about us i think about the essay i’ve to finish i thin…

Source: Je t’aime


A sequel to the Fire Fights Fire mini-series
You can find them here:
Fire Fights Fire
Blood and Flowers
Charred Rose

War in the bitter east. The deserts have become a breeding ground of hostile activity. Enhanced soldiers rule the battlefield, though few could afford the costly upgrades. My squad was sent in to quell the rebellion against them, but nothing went well.

My name is Kyle, an elite soldier who has also been enhanced combatively, but not near as much as the ones they called “The Six”. They were demons, though I have managed to survive against Charred Rose. Her revolver now remains attached to the side of my leg, in a rough cut holster I made out of some of my uniform that had been cut up in the fighting.

I stand at attention in the command tent, awaiting new orders from the residing general, complete with the hopes of reinforcements from HQ. Our meeting had been short, one with a field promotion quietly added in. I now ranked as a commander of a squad, having been the only survivor from my previous detail.

“You’ll be liberating the south end of Bacarra, recently having been captured by the Six. If we can detain any rebels from this mission, do so but only if you can do so safely. Our main objective is to gain control of the towns main media station.” A map lit up, detailing the station. I quickly memorized the layout, noting key objective markers I would need, as well as other small details.

“One word of caution. There is rumored to be a member of the Six residing in that station, believed to be codenamed “The Devil.” He is very dangerous, and if he is located, do not hesitate to call for an aerial bombing. Understood?”

The small crowd formed up in full formal attention, saluting and shouting in unison “Yes Sir!”



Two days later. I stand behind a closed door, my squad mates taking positions around the small house we claimed as our base of operations. The other guys in my crew served themselves a protein bar or water, rationing as best we could. I sipped from my own canteen, one I claimed from a burnt out village a few miles back towards the main base. When we were all set to go, I opened the door slowly, eying what laid beyond.

The fighting in the town had kept the streets cleared, most people having fled into the mountains to the west. There were only two militants ahead, so I signaled the sharp shooters to take them out. Two silenced shots later, both were down. I opened the door fully, my rifle raised as we cleared out, heading into an alleyway across the way.

The media station was supposed to be located a few blocks to our west, according to the tactical map I was handed after the breifing. We cleared the street with relative ease, heading down the alleyway in a single line, with one man keeping rear watch. When the alley broke into another street, I’d glance down both directions, keeping my field-repaired visor locked on hostile movements. Cleared.

When we finally reached the outer walls of the station, we began lining up on the walls, all eyes open for enemy movement. Several hostiles stood guard within the courtyard, my readout confirmed, and I signaled three men on point with me. The rest I signaled to lay low and provide cover fire. We may well need it at this point. My selected team and I began to move forward when my readout started blaring brightly. Something was coming this way, and the confirmed hostiles all turned towards the wall itself.

“Barging in, are we, mites?”

The voice crackled over my radio feed. This was definitely not going to plan.

Scattered Dreams and High Fantasy

I haven’t posted in some time, and I really need to get this down before it slips to the back of my mind like everything else as of late.

I am failing at getting any writing done. Period. The last bit I wrote in my novel was two weeks ago, and that’s not good. I got stuck, bad, but now I have realized why. I was originally writing a low fantasy, more realistic in terms of view and direction, but now I have come to realize that it isn’t a low fantasy novel. It has morphed into high fantasy.

At least, in my definition of the terms. I could be wrong. But originally I was more writing a book on discovering magic that had purpose, but wasn’t the only thing the book was about. Now the magic seems to be taking center stage, while still keeping the main theme in place. The sub plot that is being worked on now is where I got stuck, though, with a discovery that I am starting to believe should be postponed til later on but the awakening phase is what matters most at this point… and introducing differing points of view that are integral to the story itself.

Now I know I am just rambling right now, but that’s better than nothing, right? Maybe I’ll be more coherent in my next post.

Until then!

¡Adiós, Buenos noches!

Lost in Love?

Love, a wonderful battlefield.
Worrying, wondering and wandering
Lost, in love and gone
Unsure, always under stress
Always waiting for an unsure end
Lost, in love
With someone who you can never tell
With a life that could be gone in instants
A wanderer walks this battlefield
Watching for the next attack, the next fight
Eventually, one day,
The battle will be over
Who won, who lost?
Neither, for we all die, lost in love.