Devil’s Torment

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The comms were shot, I already knew as the feedback turned to scattered noise. I immediately bring up the rifle, began aiming as the first hostiles came out from behind the wall. I heard the sounds of a fire fight behind me, watched as the first hostiles were downed in front. No good, more were coming.

“Break form!” I yelled, jumping away from the wall and heading to the closest building. “Fall back!”

Flames burst from the air, slamming against the rocky road ahead of me. “Mites stay and play.” The comms were under the devil’s control, no way to call in an air strike. We all turned and started gunning down any hostiles we could. We switched between us, trying to reserve ammo, letting those who need to reload to take a knee as we gunned down more. Felt like an hour before the enemy retreated back behind their wall, and we could breathe for a moment.

Then there was an explosion. The concussive force knocked me leftward, slamming my left shoulder on the rough pavement. Those of us who could began standing and scrambling for cover, searching for the source of the impact. Three guys lay dead, having took the grenade hit head on.

I was now ducked behind a low wall, rifle ready and searching for a target. Three guys down in one blast, and I didnt even see it coming. There was a harsh, cackling laugh over the comms, and all I wanted to do was bust that ugly face in if I ever saw it. I concentrate momentarily, focusing my eyes on the display. ‘Tactical data confirmed.’

“Check display, move!”

I used the silent commands of my implants to relay my orders to the remaining squad members, sending half to one end of the wall on the other side of the street as I and the other half moved towards the other. The goal was to get close enough for the info-link to scan hostiles again. Half way across the street, the center of the wall burst outwards, sending rock and rubble to smash against the houses and squad members.

I barely dodged when I caught sight of a familiar trend. Large, flowing cloak. Right arm exposed, mechanically enhanced. Face hidden with glowing eyes. But this one was definitely different from Charred Rose. Much different.


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