“Come sail away with me” – Styx, “Come Sail Away”

I stand at the docks. The blistering falsetto sunlight glared from the distance upon my back, the fake wind through my hair. I watch as the gilded ship comes near, the glistening golden vessel from a far off world. I breathe deeply, as the majestic creation of ages past glides through the sphere, a wall of pure energy that acts as a proper atmosphere for the station. Golden sails begin to furl, whirling inwards to the single mast in the center of the top deck. The sailors, as they’ve been called, climb out upon the deck, pulling in ropes and other busy works as the shuttle continued to near.

The air grew humid as the atmospheric dampners began to buzz, using the air circulating around the ship to force the ship to stop. As it slowed, the wind bristled, fluttering the last unfurled parcels of canvas. I stood there, waiting for someone as the sailors began to descend upon the pier. I could hear the ship captain calling orders, men moving quickly to moor. Golden ropes encircle the plastic mooring posts, and soon the gangway was lowered and placed.

I held my ticket in hand, lifting one foot after another as I made my way up the transport vessel, mentally preparing myself for the distant shores and ports we may visit along the way. As I hand my ticket over to the first mate, he smiled. “Welcome aboard the Harbinger. Glad you are here. Come, and in a few hours we will sail away.”

Image source: here; closest thing I could find in a quick search! Technically, I believe it is a still from the movie “Treasure Planet”

When I wrote this, and upon reading it afterwards, it reminds me of old science fiction illustrations and literature. Ships to the stars sail the galaxy, men stand freely upon the decks and singing. The quote at the very beginning really brings that feeling home. I hope you’ve enjoyed. See you again next time!


8 thoughts on “Sail!

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog post^^ Since you asked for feedback, I hope you don’t mind me dropping by.

    First, I liked your description in this piece. I could visually see everything, but I didn’t feel all of the five senses. I don’t know if you did that on purposes, but I want to know what the air smells like, and what sounds you hear by the ship.

    Some of this read like purple proses. Now, I know having purple prose isn’t a bad thing, but more direct writing would be good. Overall, I enjoyed this piece! I’ll go through your other works and leave some feedback.

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