The Note 7 Recall.

I was saddened yesterday that the brand new phone I had gotten just two weeks ago is getting a voluntary recall. For those who do not know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is getting recalled due to problems with the battery during charging. This issue hasn’t effected my phone but since it is a known issue and with two young children and wife, I will be replacing it soon.

It’s sad, though, since I have been a long time Note fan. I have had at least one of each since the Note 2, and has remained one of my favorite phones with the S-Pen, it’s large size and its usefulness in writing and even digital sketching. And with the 7, the dual edge screen and its edge panel has become very dear to my daily use.

It is currently unclear as of the time of this writing on what Samsung is planning to do with the model as a whole, and how the recall will be handled by them. Verizon, the carrier I’m currently on, is offering to take back the models and waive their usual restock fee until the 30th of this month, though their website doesn’t specify if it is replacing the phones with a different model or just doing a trade-in type of thing. The Galaxy S 7 seems like a fair, though not nearly as useful, trade but I will wait and see.

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