I’m at a crossroads with myself.

Between my day job and building up towards being a freelance writer, I leave myself wondering if this is the right path, or to veer off and ride the rails for creative writing.

A crossroad that troubles me.

An engaging wonder in the worlds untold, or the hard truths of the world. Seeing as how I need funds, and content mills do only so much, mayhap freelancing may not be where I need to go.

But in retrospect, writing those few I have done wasn’t hard, just finding ones that I could do easily was. Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way? Maybe, just maybe, I need to buckle down and just get jobs done. Maybe that is where I need to go. Down the proverbial rabbit hole, into where my likelihood of success lowers but the chances of more reward higher.

But still, the crossroad beckons me.

The call of words for creative purpose is still within. Maybe I need to find a way. 400 words a day is easy in the creative mindset, where 300 or more gets rough for a client’s needs. Maybe I should spend at least part of my day on those livid moments, to bring a world go life, so the monotonous times won’t be so… dull?

Perhaps, I should try to step between the fork, and burn a path that incorporates all, without burning myself out.

To which I say: We’ll see.


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