The Dark Side of Things

So I was writing a blog post the other day that was definitely different from my usual writings and musings. It was a rather dark and gritty story with torture and death the likes you won’t find in any of my other stories. Not that it was a bad thing.

But then I went back and re-read it and thought about it for two days. I have decided not to post the short story for a very good reason. It is too adult for the kind of content I release on my blog. So instead, I’m going through a second drafting phase on the story in question to add more to it. When I feel that it is done to the “t”, I will be submitting it to magazines and such that look for those kinds of stories and hope for publication.

Let’s just see how this goes from here, haha! Hoping for good outcomes, no matter how morbid this story gets after a couple drafting phases and a good solid edit. Now back to my (ir)regularly scheduled programming.


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