Content on Repeat


Rinse, lather, follow the pattern

I feel like social media, namely the big F, is following a pattern of repeat as of late. Shares and reshares, new comments move old content upwards. Like a spiral of repeat reading that has my mind unbelievably saddened and even more so… bored.

Rinse and repeat, though my selection of “friends” is few and personal, it seems even liking multiple pages doesn’t offer respite from the repeats. Even worse, when said pages repeat the same content within days, weeks, or even months old. And the cycle concludes with the same resounding feeling before I leave the big F.

Maybe I am not following the right people.


2 thoughts on “Content on Repeat

    • It’s not even the themes, those I don’t mind. But seeing the same post top my feed after several hours in the same day or even into the next day gets annoying. That’s the main problem I have with Facebook’s timeline.


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