(I’m Still) Waiting

Waiting for the day they announce the next President to see if I’m wrong, for once.

Election years are never fun. Everyone says it’s always about ‘choosing the lesser of two evils’, or ‘the brightest of two turds.’

But this election year is different. It’s not just the lesser of two turds, but literally the biggest pissing contest I have ever seen. And I barely follow it! Everyone is talking about how racist, bigoted, and narcissistic Donald Trump is, how he does in his business practices (most facts being at least a decade or two old, actually).

Then there’s the Clinton. Strange disappearances, the email scandal, among other things. Neither ‘choice’ is good. But the other ‘choices’ aren’t as good either.

Now I’m sure everyone is sick of all of it. I know I am. The truth is, I am pretty sure that it will be the Clinton as president. A “major victory” in women’s rights, feminism will take the banner with pride, blah blah blah. The reason I say this is as follows:

Trump is running the WORST possible campaign. It is tearing down everything all the major movements of the last century has tried to build up. Racism will ensure he loses the seclusion groups like LGBT and others. He is currently being called the face of women’s rapists, thus losing the female vote. Latinos disagree with his wall building statements from the beginning, thus another major voting group going blue… like this guy was built to lose against Hilary.

Am I the only one who sees this? The destruction of the pattern? Usually the presidential seat goes from Republican  (Bush Sr., Bush Jr., though it goes further back than them) to Democrat (Clinton after Sr., Obama after Jr.) This pattern also follows the same thing in Congress, switching from one majority to the other depending on who is president during their elections.

Unless the public gets swayed in one way or the other, I don’t see it possible for Trump to truly win the election without a major revolution afterwards. But is Clinton really the best option to choose?

Honestly, no, but that’s who will win by a sudden landslide once the votes start pouring in.

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