Testing Wine…

Red wine and heart health, is it true?
I can’t give you a definitive answer without first looking at the case studies. A short Google search of “Is red wine really good for you [r health]” will pull up a few results stating that yes, in moderation, it “can” be good for you.

But doesn’t mean I liked the first couple of bottles I’ve tried over the years!

I’ve never been much of a drinker. I’d enjoy a few whiskey and cokes a year, but that had always been my limit before. But can I say I avoid all alcohol? No. Fancy dinners can call for a nice glass or two, especially at Olive Garden (or other places similar in style) when you know you’re spending a pretty penny with your significant other.

But I never was a big fan of red or white wines. Whites are a no go for me, period. Just can’t stand them, their taste or texture or flavor. But I have started to become somewhat adjusted to reds. Somewhat, because I haven’t tried more than a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot.

I have found one that tastes easily enough on the pallet and isn’t half bad for an after taste. It’s a Spanish table wine called Sangeria. In short sips it went well, and isn’t strong enough for a buzz in a single glass, which is good for me. Maybe after getting used to wine, I can try to sample into other styles and find some that go well with the healthier foods I do need to start eating before too long, but that’s some time off.

Do you have a favorite wine to share? I’d love to hear about it, or your thoughts on the supposed health benefits of red wine in general!


Saturday Updates

I guess updates are a Saturday kind of thing for me. So let’s get this thing a rollin’, shall we?

Today, I have posted chapter 3 of Waking Dream on Wattpad. Eventually I will get the tags done right and try to start drawing in readers. But let me summarize the kind if book it is below.

Waking Dream is a fantasy adventure novel, with a strong reliance on personal introspection and character growth, as well as some metaphysical themes that draws into question about reality as a whole.

The main character is David, who lived in our world. As he waits to see his longtime love for a date, he suddenly feels weak, and falls. Instead of Falling to the ground, he is pulled through the void to wake in a world completely different from our own. A world of magic and mystery. He feels that he is pushed to some unmentioned destiny, as angels, demons and other metaphysical beings try to return him to his true home.

How he survives, and where he goes, is all on learning to control his powers and his reality as a whole.

You can find the Wattpad version here.

Novel News:

Waking Dream has finally surpassed the 25k words mark! Current word count is at 25,095! I feel that I’m only about a quarter of the way through the books story, so I have quite a ways to go.

I have two current covers designated for the book, but those will be changed over time as the book progresses, or until I get an awesome artist to render me a strong cover. The cover designs are below.

Yes, the second version was literally made completely by yours truly. I don’t use art programs as much as I used to so it’s not perfect, but I will eventually get the design down and done right.

You can read the teaser chapter I released almost two weeks ago here for a better perspective about the deeper themes available in the book. And as always, I would love to hear what you guys think!

Learn Your Lesson; Post-Election Research for the Uninitiated

Riots in the streets, Donald Trump in the sheets!

I’m sure there are a lot of articles covering this particular topic, but maybe it’s time to set some ground rules down for all them liberal Yankees who thinks tearing up their home towns is such a great way to prove a point. These rules are as follows.

  1. Research and Learn:
  • Your choices
  • Voting Right
  • Electoral College and how it counts

     2. Learn to be a Good Player

Because smashing cop cars is so totally earning you brownie points with the government.

     3. Follow previous rules for EVERY ELECTION.

I didn’t vote. I will admit that, but I will be watching my state, the Senate and Congress and will be registering to vote at my next conceivable convenience. That is how you deal with politics. Be a voter, be active in your political party and don’t just go with the flow.

I don’t agree with all of Donald Trump’s stated policies but I also don’t agree with the politically charged media. They have been trying to slander President-elect Trump’s campaign ever since the primaries. Clinton had the email scandal pop up twice but she also did not have an actual call to action either. I think she had a catchphrase, but it was complacency that actually did her in.

But now we all have to live with the choices that have been made. Or move out of our wonderful country. But that latter part is pretty counter-productive and pointless. Instead, let’s make our voices heard through votes, and to support and build up our nation starting from home and hearth and going upward.

Oh, and them there’s this…

For more information:


One list of several quotes from Donald Trump on the issues and his stances on them: http://www.ontheissues.org/Donald_Trump.htm

Other Resources:

Literally EVERYTHING you could need to know about how the United States works and what they have available to you. https://www.usa.gov/

Barstool Conversations Collection

​March 20th, 2016

“The drunks are gone.” She said.

“Well, not gone as in dead or missing, just out of the bar.” Don’t remember why she had to clear the air on that one. But when I look into her eyes and smell her breath, I could tell.

“Wait, what was I saying?” She looked around unsteadily, slightly swerving. She had to hold herself up with a hand on the bar top.

“I think you had a bit too much to drink there, lass.” It’s true, she wasn’t filling my cups right anymore.

“Bartender gratuity should remain in cash, not alcohol. Remember that.”

“Who said what now?” She stammered. Guess this is how the night would end.
March 21st, 2016

“Why is the rum always gone?” He stares at an empty glass he has lifted. The same glass he had for some time. Another full glass sat next to it.

“Cause you have been staring at an empty glass for an hour?” Crass as always, my favorite lass.

“Riiiight, and is that why my fingers are twitching?” His eyes are fully glazed over, no way he was driving home tonight.

“Okay, Sparrow, I think you’ve had enough for tonight.” Smart call. Now just to wait for her to fill my glass, again.

“Bah, always with the jests, wench. Le’ see you try and stop me!” He slips a large bill, probably too drunk to realize it, into her tip jar before storming off to another bartender, empty glass in hand. I slide the full one in front of me, not a single nip out of it. Rum might not be my favorite, but it’s a good second.

March 22nd, 2016

“Sit down lass, you going too fast.”

“Never is too fast when we’re this busy, my friend.” A quick smirk, slight feisty one, cross her red lips.

“Then lemme tell ya somethin.”

“Not another of your fanciful tells, I hope!”

“I’ll listen.” I chime in.

“Lass should be more like ya, stranger.”

“I’m in no hurry to get anywhere.” Was true, had all night to drown my sorrows this time.

“Aye, if only more people were to think that way these days, m’ friend. But aye, be a decade ago today that I first arrived in this gods forsaken bar. The lass was probably a wee thing back then, but the one behind the counter then was this beauty that no man could ever dream of.”

“Oh, you mean Shiela?” I had been coming here longer than he had.

“Nah, I mean her twin! Of course I mean Shiela! Gods got no manners in men these days… Where was I…”

“Talking about Shiela the first day you ever stopped here?”

“Right, right. Aye, she was a fine Lass, something this ‘ere wench could never be in her prime. She was a sweet one on me, too, if ya know what I mean.”

October 2nd, 2016

“I wonder why the room keeps spinning.” He shuffled uneasily, spilling a bit of his vodka.

“Maybe it’s because you’re drunk?” I had to open my mouth, maybe I was drunk this time.

“Thought it was that little two-step spin play, there.” The bartender spun around once or twice, a bit of delight lighting her usually grim face.

“Maybe it was, lass. But I can’t tell. How bout another drink?” 

“How bout tomorrow, last call is over.” Shut down. I always smiled at her unusual coolness.

October 9th, 2016

“You know, just gotta love the atmosphere here. It’s definitely friendly, albeit busy.” The man swayed slightly, nearly slipping on the drink he was spilling on the floor. I have been here plenty of times, and this time was definitely different.

“Have you ever been here before?” I had to ask, sipping gingerly from my glass. Had been a bitter day.

“Nope, I usually stay at my hole in the wall on the other side of town.” The lass behind the counter turned and grunted at him. “Maybe ya need to return to your hole, bud.”

“Aye, gotta love them hole in the walls. Their bartenders get drunker than the customers!” I snorted, he was wreaking with brew by this point.

“Is that true?”

“Bet your sweet ass they do, but are faster at slapping a grabber than any bouncer is to nab them.”

“I wouldn’t suggest to do so here, neither, my friend.” The lass behind the counter would knock him into next week.

Saturday Update

Latest on “Waking Dream”

Chapter 2 is now available on Wattpad! For those who like to read, subscribe and vote, here is your link:
Link stuff for peoples
In other news, have been making further progress in the story of David. Some of this stuff twists in interesting yet definitive ways, searching for meaning, guessing towards the afterlife, among other subtle themes included in the story. I don’t have the word count on hand, but 22 chapters have been (mostly) finished with a goal of thrice that number. Need to get back into actually writing more, but life be tough currently and I just need to stop letting me get distracted!

Happy drafting!

Live Long, First.

“Live long and prosper” – Spock

So I had a doctor’s appointment today that didn’t go very well. Honestly, yes, I admit I have not always been a healthy person so it did not come as much surprise to me. But the short of it is that at the ripe young age of 28, I have high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Yikes, not good.

Not going to go into detail over my poor eyes or my need of a dentist (which isn’t too bad, actually) but let’s talk about being healthy.

Just because you feel generally healthy does not mean you are. Cholesterol and blood pressure are just some of the warning signs. Mine are high, but not so high they’re deadly and catching them now gives me a chance to build up to a better, healthier living and keep going strong for years to come. So learning how to completely change my routine to better live to see my boys off to college and beyond is a new step for me.

Smoking be damned, there are several other things I was poor about throughout the last decade that I have to get better at. Today’s going to be about dieting and exercise, since those together will give me the greatest chances.

The doctor recommended a low fat diet, but gave no actual plan of action. That’s something you’ll need a nutritionist to figure out what would be best. But he did say not to fall for certain fab diets, and that “low fat” foods aren’t exactly the best way to go, either. I manage a kitchen like thing that serves fried foods as its main course, but the company as a whole is going for healthier options.

That being said, it isn’t exactly a fast move. There is still the fried wings and starches like there is no tomorrow, but it sells. But when you’re in a hurry for something to snack on during a busy work day, that fried chicken is going to be a hell of a lot quicker to scarf down than a half chicken that had been baked. And far cheaper, too. That is one thing, sadly, I will have to stop doing. Probably be best to stop eating work’s food all together and bring healthier snacks and lunches each day. That transition will not be easy by a long shot, but what’s there to say?

Then there is the “not enough time to cook” dilemma that needs to be addressed. Not just that I need to stop eating out so much for monetary reasons, but to lower the nasty bad cholesterol where my major source is. Cooking healthy foods and maintaining a good strong eating routine will be in the works. Hopefully it works out pretty well.

Exercise is a topic for another day. Walking all day ain’t cutting it, so there’s definitely going to be some hard changes a coming for that. Hopefully my bad numbers start coming down and my good ones start going up, but this is a chapter in my book of life I must start if I want to see the “Happily Ever After” ending, am I right?

Anyways! I hope you all have a great day, take advantage of your physicians if you have one, or get one and/or insurance if you don’t, and let’s all live to see “Happily Ever After” together!