Learn Your Lesson; Post-Election Research for the Uninitiated

Riots in the streets, Donald Trump in the sheets!

I’m sure there are a lot of articles covering this particular topic, but maybe it’s time to set some ground rules down for all them liberal Yankees who thinks tearing up their home towns is such a great way to prove a point. These rules are as follows.

  1. Research and Learn:
  • Your choices
  • Voting Right
  • Electoral College and how it counts

     2. Learn to be a Good Player

Because smashing cop cars is so totally earning you brownie points with the government.

     3. Follow previous rules for EVERY ELECTION.

I didn’t vote. I will admit that, but I will be watching my state, the Senate and Congress and will be registering to vote at my next conceivable convenience. That is how you deal with politics. Be a voter, be active in your political party and don’t just go with the flow.

I don’t agree with all of Donald Trump’s stated policies but I also don’t agree with the politically charged media. They have been trying to slander President-elect Trump’s campaign ever since the primaries. Clinton had the email scandal pop up twice but she also did not have an actual call to action either. I think she had a catchphrase, but it was complacency that actually did her in.

But now we all have to live with the choices that have been made. Or move out of our wonderful country. But that latter part is pretty counter-productive and pointless. Instead, let’s make our voices heard through votes, and to support and build up our nation starting from home and hearth and going upward.

Oh, and them there’s this…

For more information:


One list of several quotes from Donald Trump on the issues and his stances on them: http://www.ontheissues.org/Donald_Trump.htm

Other Resources:

Literally EVERYTHING you could need to know about how the United States works and what they have available to you. https://www.usa.gov/


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