I’m Not Dead

“I can’t believe I died last night. Oh God I’m dead again” Type O Negative.

My writer died. Well, kind of. The muse croaked for a few months, was replaced just yesterday. Today, the old muse is alive but she hasn’t started kicking much, yet, and the new one just said “Oh hell no!”

But it has been far too long since I’ve been able to post on here. So maybe some updates are in order.

I’m no longer keeping anything up on Wattpad. That’s right, Wattpad is dead to me. It focuses far too much on those who already get reads and never enough for those starting out. Basically, testing the waters failed miserably.

My novel project, “Waking Dream” is on hiatus. At least I can restructure my writing habits and the story itself where I’m stuck at, anyways. I’m currently working on a short story for publication in the future, as well as trying to get back into my old posting habits. We shall see on that one, right?

Anyways, when life gives you lemons and you can’t make lemonade, at least tell life to piss off so you can do the fun stuff!


3 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead

  1. I hope your muse comes back. And as for Wattpad, I warned you :p You basically have to be on Wattpad 24/7 to get anywhere on that site. It’s better if you have an already completed story and upload the chapters daily. That way, updates are fast and people don’t have to wait. Other than that, the website pretty much sucks.

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    • Aye. I’m sorry but no self respecting author who wants to be paid for their work eventually should ever use Wattpad. I just don’t have the time to waste sitting on the site forever and a day to get just one read or two.

      This site, though, reads and likes are easier. I might try another writing website eventually but I just don’t have the time for it right now, heh.

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      • Yep! I know exactly how you feel. Wattpad works best for people who write for fun or already have an established presence online. I don’t think a writer who wants to improve their craft would waste time on Wattpad. The readers there suck and just want free stories. I’d rather spend my time querying agents and going to writers conferences. =)

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