Artwork For Sale

Richard Piland, Painter.

Today I have done more artwork. Each piece is for sale currently but I’ll get to that bit later.

First, I would like to say that I just love burning under a almost one-hundred degree sun while crafting beautiful (at least I think it’s beautiful) works of art. Now that I’m cooling down, I get to think about how in then last two weeks I’ve done more painting than I have done most of my life. Each piece is unique in their own way, and I hope others love them just as much as I do.

As such, the rest of this post will be rather image heavy, so bear with me. Here are the current paintings for sale. All can also be viewed by visiting my art Facebook page, Want To Make A Cannonball?

Disclaimer: Prices are for “as-is” product. Any shipping or other requests are extra.

Shattered Sky, 12″x16″ $20

Shattered Star, 12″x12″ $15

Falling, 16″x20″ $30

Dark World, 16″x20″ $30

Redemption, 12″x16″ $25

Split Shock, 2 12″x16″. $30 each or $40 both

“Untitled” 12″x16″ $20


Possible Cover Art?


So I started working on this piece as not only a visual aid for writing but also possibly my cover art for my first novel. It isn’t completed, mostly drawn on my phone (Samsung Note 5 using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. I’ll continue tweaking it as I go, but I did want to get a few thoughts and critiques for it as well.

Let me know what you guys think!

Working on Something

I know I haven’t really been posting much this past week. Writing has not been my strong suit this week, but instead other forms of art has taken a bigger hold on my mind. And by that I mean the 3D modelling I’ve been working on.


Take note of the image above. It was a work in progress for a coffee shop style scene with multiple areas to be depicted. But the scene above has been scrapped after a bit. I can’t really say scrapped, because I still have the file and had put a lot more work on it afterwards, but the scene there really wasn’t working the way I had originally planned. So, fun stuff ensues and I took the coffee and tea cup, table and chair and appended it to a new file, as well as some previous attempts, to rebuild everything from.

The thing was, the proportions and sizes weren’t working out. So I took everything and put it in a new file, matched sizes for all items to fit more properly and am now working to design the shop based off those sizes for a more realistic approach. It’s always fun, and I also added new artwork and designs into the new items I added as well to give them more of a custom feel.

Anyways, as things progress I’ll add them up on here. But for now, enjoy the latest render of the scene above to get a better feel of what I was attempting to create.


Hope everyone is having a great and productive week!


I do more than just write from time to time. I like to draw, paint, and do some 3D modelling.

So today, I’m sharing some examples of what I do when I am not writing.


Abstraction: Created using Adobe Sketchbook. Just having fun with brush settings, honestly.


Now this lovely little 3D render I have here is a Work in Progress for my themed updates, when I get back to them. I never was a big fan of using online sites to find photos for what I wanted so I started working on this, which I love.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and note that the rendered image above is still a very early test of my scene. Take care.